Update on Earthquakes and Government Activity

I check up on the latest environmental events like earthquakes, sink holes, tsunamis, sun spots about once a month if nothing has happened that makes viral news.  It appears something his happening now in the Louisiana area and it might be linked to the earthquakes in Oklahoma.  We also have some events happening out in the Pacific Ocean and other areas with quakes above 6.0.   There are also other strange things happening by the government, and if something happens via a “disaster” how will the country react?  Could an earthquake be intentionally triggered? Yes, via HAARP, and the evidence is in the patents listed on Dutchsinse’s site.

Will there be a number of events happening that converge at just the right time to create a crisis event not only in America but other nations which would set up a global state of emergency?  I look at all possible things, and part of that is listening to the people in power like Rockerfeller, Brezinski, Soros, who speak of a necessary global crisis to bring to world together under one government.  Watch the videos and see if you need to prepare for possible crisis events.  I am not feeling an imminent event, but I am sensing a constant dripping of tension events to keep us on edge.  When people are nervous the are more easily controlled.  It is for this reason I do these posts because I am much less nervous when I know what is headed my way.  I don’t care for surprises.

The salt dome collapsing issue is huge.  If one of those were to explode due to sudden butane gas release, it would have the equivalent effect of 300 Hiroshima bombs going off.  Dutchsinse does a really great job in showing the current events, and this short video talks about these latest earthquakes and new gas release in Bayou Corne area of Louisiana.

Political events such as the firing of 200 top military leaders over the last couple of years bothers me.  Why is Obama cleansing our military?  Who is filling those positions of leadership now?

I am highly suspicious of anyone calling for Massive rallies or event of people standing up to the government.  It is very easy for agent provocateurs to create havoc, and start riots.  This would be the precursor event to a legal response from the government.  This video is pushing just this and if you listen to Colmes, he is explaining how the government would justify martial law.

If you bother to watch tv you will notice more and more crime shows about disgruntled patriots planning terrorist attacks.  There is a reason cops are getting out of control.  The police departments are hiring violent thugs who show little intellectual capacity.  These are not men and women who are well educated and able to think for themselves.  These are gestapo like individuals who enjoy hurting others.   At what point to people begin to hate the abusive police and see them as the enemy?

Do you not think this is well planned?  Would you feel the least bit of concern if you saw SS troops from WWII who were killing babies in the streets of Germany or lining people up to shoot if they were attacked and found hanging from the nearest bridge? Would you be really bothered if the people of Germany attacked them?  Well, now imagine that is your law enforcement who is turned on in the near future.  What would Hitler’s response be to that event?  What would Obama’s government’s response be to a similar event here?

Does this not piss you off when you see cops beating fellow citizens and lying? It is meant to make you angry and to react and want justice!  We are being manipulated and played for a justified response to our logical reaction to the abuse of government. This clip is what has recently been playing to cause such a reaction:

Notice this is on national news!  There are other news worthy events that are not on national news, but this makes it and is meant to create hatred.  Eventually, some planned event will cause the spark that ignited a firestorm and the elite are well prepared for that clash.

If you think it is only happening in America, think again.  People are being pushed in the UK, Greece, Germany, Ukraine, Russia, and elsewhere.  When they react as planned there is regime change, constitution changes, and further push towards global governance:

British Police Abuse

Russian Police Abuse

German Police Abuse


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