The Truth About Slavery: Past, Present and Future

This is a great video about the true history of slavery.  It’s packed with facts and information.  The word slave comes from the word slav which denotes who was being taken as slaves.  A slav is from the Slavic region that is populated by white people.  The Romans and Greeks loved slavery.  Plato’s Republic was based on slavery, and over half of the population were slaves both white and black.

In Rome, if a slave revolted or ran away, all the slaves were killed by that owner, thus there was a massive pressure to NOT try to run away or revolt.  The Muslim world had slaves well over a thousand years while the Christian nations got into that trade for a few hundred years.  In fact, Slavery did not end in Saudi Arabia until 1962, and some nations had legal slavery up into the 1970’s and 80’s.  None were white Christian nations.

At most, about 1.5% of the white population in America ever owned slaves, while 27% of the black population owned slaves, both white and black.  There were 407 black  owners of slaves in Charleston S.C. per the census.  Thus, while the history of slavery in America is terrible for the blacks who endured it, it was also equally terrible for the whites as well.   This idea of reparation for slavery that some in the black community demand is not based on any sense of facts, but on some false idea of all whites are guilty, and no blacks ever participated as slave owners.  Will the government be paying reparations to the whites who were slaves or the poor whites who did not like slavery because it made competing for work nearly impossible?  I hope you share this on twitter, facebook etc. because ignorance is not bliss, and the truth of American slave history has been terribly distorted.  I did another article a while back with more information, but this video just needs to be seen by everyone.  Once the truth is known, then maybe we can have some healing in this nation and realize there is still a 1% rich elite who have everyone enslaved to them via the false idea of freedom.  They are robbing the world blind!

Slavery by Consent

Socialism Equals Plantation Slavery

White Slaves in America


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