WARNING!! Newbies, This Might Freak Ya Out Just A Little!

This blogger just joined my site and so I checked out their site. What a great place to visit for all of use preppers, and this article on canning meat is EXCELLENT! Great resources here folks!

My Foray Into Food Storage

Yesterday, I flirted with disaster.  I did something most people are too frightened or too horrified to do.

Skydiving, Anyone?

But don’t worry, you NEVER have to do this.  This post is not meant to pressure you into doing this crazy thing.  What is this insanity to which I am referring?  Canning chicken at home in a pressure canner.

Why is this so scary, you ask?  Just Google pressure canning.  You will find horror stories of exploding canners, botulism, and other threats to your life you are exposed to when can meat at home.  But I laugh at danger and obviously do not fear death, because I jumped right in and did it.  I canned chicken.  19 jars of it!

The jars are not pretty (because I did a raw pack), but they are GOOD!


WHY?  Why would someone flirt with death and ruin perfectly good chicken at the…

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