Mystery Illness Killing Americans in Southeast

I am still recovering from my illness that hit 3 weeks ago out of no where.  I have been on steroids, antibiotics and dealing with pneumonia and bronchitis.  I have seen more friends and family reporting people dying from the “flu” and respiratory illness than ever before and they live all over the Southeast.  Are we under a biological attack?  Has something been unleashed that is killing Americans and will it get better or worse?




I was told I did not have the flu, but they would not verify that they actually got the test back.



3 comments on “Mystery Illness Killing Americans in Southeast

  1. I had something very similar (bronchitis) to what you describe and, yes, it took me a solid three weeks of steroids and antibiotics to get over it. I was in Santa Monica/ West Los Angeles and LOTS of other people out there were suffering from similar things—of course, it has been an EXTREMELY dry winter in LA (winter is usually the “rainy season” and there’s been little more than a few drops). Rain usually purifies the air during the Los Angeles winter, but it was 80 degrees on Christmas Eve which is just staggering, even for Los Angeles, and there were several days in the 80s during January and it was just consistently WAY dryer and hotter than normal. I suspect it has SOMETHING, directly or indirectly, to do with Fukushima… This past week I’ve been in New York City and it finally seems to be gone (ever imagine going to NYC for your health? shows how topsy turvy the world is….) but I was sick throughout the month of January. It was absolute HELL.

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