Pastor Arnold Murray Passes February 12, 2014 : A Giant Among Men

It is with a very heavy heart that I announce the passing of my favorite bible teacher, Arnold Murray.  He taught chapter by chapter and verse by verse laying the foundations for anyone who truly wants the truth to learn and study for themselves.  He and I did not always agree, but I respect him as no other bible teacher.  We have lost one of the greatest teachers ever, but the worldwide network he built will continue.  You can catch the last teachings he did on Revelation right now by going to his website.  They don’t keep the video’s up constantly, so get them now.

His son, Dennis will continue the ministry.  Please pray for his family as they say goodbye to a wonderful servant of God.

Pastor Arnold B. Murray was born April 20, 1929, in Waurika, Oklahoma, to Edgar Dude Murray and Casey Brown Murray. He went home to be with his Lord on February 12, 2014.

He was preceded in death by his loving wife of forty-six years Anna Murray, and his son David Vernon Murray. Pastor Murray is survived by his son Dennis Arnold Murray and his wife Marion, of Gravette, his sister-in-law Martha Sweeter, also of Gravette, his granddaughter, Jessica Murray Pike, and her husband Luther Pike, of Hiwasse, and one sister Fayezel Jackson, of Houston, Texas.

Pastor Murray proudly served our country in the United States Marine Corps as a combat Marine serving in Korea, he made the Incheon landing and survived the Chosin Reservoir Campaign. He enjoyed working with his machinery on his farm. Pastor Murray was an instrument rated airplane pilot, and he enjoyed flying his entire life.

As pastor of the Shepherd’s Chapel Church, located in Gravette, Arkansas, he built the largest independent Christian television network in the world. He also served a President of the Shepherd’s Chapel Network.

Funeral arrangements are being made by Bella Vista Funeral Home & Crematory. The date of a future Memorial service will be announced in a Shepherd’s Chapel Church monthly newsletter at a date. The Murray family has asked that donations be made to the charity of your choice in lieu of flowers.


27 comments on “Pastor Arnold Murray Passes February 12, 2014 : A Giant Among Men

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  2. Thank you Arnold Murray for teaching with the keen biblical wisdom and understanding that God had granted you. I had learn more from you than any other and inspired me to search and seek God with all my might and discernment. A great servant of God. Love to the Murray family and God is so with Dennis. Love to you.

  3. I watched him Mon -Fri all day . Very nice of you to post this. I hope we see him soon. I Remember him saying things will move quite fast in the last days. Boy are they. Stay safe, and may God Bless you and your family.

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  5. I just learned about Pasture Murray. My heart is filled with sadness because I know he will be missed greatly by many. My husband & I love Pasture Murray, his family and Shepherds Chapel. We have learned so much from your teaching. Pasture Murray I know that you are in the best place now. I love you so much. My prayers are with your family.

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  7. I was so sorry to hear about the passing of pastor Arnold Murray he was a wounderful man of God’ i have learn a lot from him, he was the best pastor that ever live, he did not lie he told the truth and nothing but the truth. He did not sugar coat anythang he told it like it is, i will miss him but i will never forget him, his son Dennis is a wouderful man of God’as well he is a very good preacher and a teacher like his daddy.please keep me in your all prayers i love you all like my family as well have a bless life

  8. I had NO idea that this great man of God was no longer amongst us .. it is July 20th 2015 today, I just finished watching Pastor Arnold Murray’s teaching hour on YouTube, decided to google him and come to find out that he had passed way February 2014 – Pastor Murray was the GREATEST bible teacher, 2nd to none, nobody like him, minces now words … I so loved and admired him … but … thanks to modern technology, we can still listen to him teach, Thank God for that … All blessings to the Murray Family, but especially to Pastor Dennis who will carry on the legacy of his Dad, these shoes are a mega extra size to fill … Good luck Pastor Dennis 🙂

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  10. Dr. Arnold Murray was placed here for a purpose, He taught the Word of The Lord with great passion and did not deviate from the true word of God. He had a joy of teaching us which was infectious and made you want to learn more and be more and seek more… It is in part of his endless devotion to teaching, that my daily walk with the Lord has become a big part of who I am… God’s Holy Blessing be with you Dr. Murray and may God also bless your Family with Peace, Mercy Love and Grace… Thank You For the years of Teaching the Word of God !!!

  11. Pastor Murray is a great man. I was baptized by him in 2003 and I was so in awe of his gentleness, kindness and humble nature. I am so sorry that I was in a state of fall when he passed away and that I was unaware of it. I wish that I could have been there to mourn with our family’s leader. I can think of no greater man that I have known.

    • Hello, Rita, from my seeking for on this issue, I believe it was his heart. Does it really matter though? He served God for many years, has run his race, and I am sure is having a great time with our Father in heaven.

  12. I have watched Pastor Arnold Murray for nearly 2 decades however not so much as of late since my eyes just really becoming open to being the seed of Israel. Now I watch his old sermons and Pastor Dennis Murray 24/7 on the Bible channel. I go to sleep with it on and turn it on first thing in the morning. I can’t get enough. I was sad to hear that he passed and not come to full awareness of who I really was. I know he is dancing in heaven though. I didn’t realize he has reached 350 million homes all over the world. Praise God Dennis is there to walk in his footsteps and I can continue to learn true doctrine from him. I order many of the tapes and books and watch him on youtube also. I have the Companion Bible and The Strongs and The Smith’s Bible Dictionary Sheperd’s Chapel recommends. I will boldly teach the truth. Come Lord Jesus Come. I look forward to shaken Pastor Arnold Murray’s hand in the Millennium. Thanks to all the workers at Sheperd’s Chapel.

  13. Only found out about Pastor Arnold Murray, but a few weeks ago, don’t know how I missed that, as Shepard’s Chapel is a part of my life every day. I cried and felt this horrible loss, but then Pastor Murray’s words came flooding into my mind, or should I say the Words of our Father, that he is Alive and Well, and with our Father, I have never known such a tremendous teacher, I never heard God’s word expressed with such clarity and expression as it was taught by Pastor Murray, I am so looking forward to that great day of our Lord and King ,Jesus and the gathering of all of God’s children that I will be able to see all my loved ones, and to meet Arnold Murray, a true servant of YHVH, thank you Sheppard’s Chapel, and now to Dennis for picking up the Torch of Truth and teaching God’s Word as it should be taught, Love you all, student since 2007, Vickie

  14. I just found out hes gone,i cant stop crying,i wanted to learn about the bible todayi got my bible out, watch him on tv,then I wanted to look up something so I went to his site,and saw that he passed! Im finding it hard to watch him on tv now,i didn’t think it would hurt me so bad, thru the years I have watch him, but today I got my bible out to follow him, IM upset because hes gone! I wonder why he couldn’t have lived longer,im sure hes ok with it,for he loved the lord so much, bless the family I WISH I didn’t know he passed, to watch him and to know hes not here, what a great loss,I don’t know why it hurts so bad, but it dos, it helps knowing hes happy,for he always wanted to be with the lord I just want him to know how much hell be missed…

  15. I have being studying with pastor Murray for a very long time and Dennis they are awesomeness men’s of God” they tells the truths, no sugar coating when I heard of his passing away I was so sad. Him and Dennis learn me alot about the bible and God

  16. Arnold Murray will be sadly missed, his son Dennis thankfully will continue teaching the truth of the Bible. The Passovers that I attended were all so very inspired by the way that Arnold Murray’s style of teaching the Word helped so many understand it depth!
    Saddened by this loss, however, grateful to have been fortunate to have had him in my life, as his teaching filled a void that had been lacking, Praise God for such a man.

  17. What a Blessing, to have found this man teaching Gods word, he has been such a Blessing to me, he is with his God in Heaven, i hope to see him in Heaven, may God be with all his loved ones, till they meet again in Heaven.

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