Climate Change Lies

I remember back in the 1970’s and 80’s my teachers talking about the coming Ice Age!  We sat with out little heads full of mush listening to environmentally minded teachers explaining how man was creating disasters by wiping out the Amazon to the tune of one million acres a day!  I sat there listening, and remember thinking, well why is there even an Amazon forest left if we are wiping out a million acres a day?  Or, we would be told that over 300 undiscovered species a year are lost due to extinction because of this deforestation practice, and I raised my hand and said, “If you have not discovered it then how do you know it is gone?”

I was not a well liked child by some of my teachers.  So, it has been with the global warming lies that I have challenged all the supposed scientific experts on forums who look down their nose and adjust their glasses as they attempt to inform this stupid plebeian who simply can’t understand science!  I raise the issues of temperatures going down over the decade to show that means it’s cooling and not warming.  I point out that the whole solar system is warmer overall, and that could it be that it’s not man doing the warming, but possibly the sun?  I mean, I know our little rover on mars is another intrusion of man into the universe, but surely, we are not causing Mars to heat up as well are we?

Now that the little liars have been caught red handed falsifying data at prestigious Universities and think tanks, they seem to want to change to topic from Global warming to “Climate change”.  This is the clue with all these little demonic minions set on destroying mankind. As soon as we catch on to their tactics, they start changing the name of their organization or theory.  It’s no longer Eugenics for the sterilization and eradication of those Negroes, it’s now Planned Parenthood.   It’s no longer Liberalism, it’s Progressive, and now they come out and say, “Hey, what’s wrong with being a socialist? It works in Norway!”  As if the population of America resembles anything like that of Norway or our economy and such.

It is with utter disdain for the liars who perpetuate the myth of man made climate change , global warming or cooling that I share this video.  The whole goal of these dirt bag lying scum is to tax the middle class out of existence in the West, to destroy our economy, and have us all live like third world slaves in shanties.

These liars are preaching a new religion of earth worship, and your children are being suckered into it:

You want some ammunition of facts to use in encounters with wild eyed climate change nuts?

Penn and Teller’s take:


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