Weird Sky stuff and News

The world is having some very odd things happen in it.  The moon is not moving as it should, the sun is blinking out and spinning, the clouds are acting really strange, and many think holograms are becoming the norm, not to mention people acting very strange from Lucifer worshiping astronauts to zombies eating people in public.  Here are some very odd things I found:

Ok, I am a little bit disturbed by this first clip from NASA.  I know many people are ignorant dumb asses and have no clue they are doing some devil worship sign, but what the heck are these 4 astronauts doing?


Then, we have clouds behind the moon?  Just how do we get clouds behind the moon?  Is there a  step up in project bluebeam for holographic tech to be finally used worldwide to sell us some fake alien invasion or return of Christ?  Some say it’s a washout, but it does not appear that way to me.  It appears like the moon between layers of cloud.  There are more odd clips to follow.

Nice odd moon:

Here is one that has some odd anomalies, and this guy offers the best explanation about this hologram stuff.  My first question was, well if people say the moon is gone and what we see is a hologram, where the hell is the moon?  Well, this guy postulates that the moon is there, but they (the evil powers that be) are projecting this image of the moon so that we cannot see what is really happening on the moon!  We have such great tech now that amateurs can actually see stuff from earth on the moon and they are saying, “HEY, What’s that freaking structure up there?”

How good are these holograms?

Ok, you wanna really blow your mind?  Watch this, and about 7 minutes in you see the sun setting N NW and not in the West!  Then, you see the Sun blinking out on another example!  What in the heck is going on?

Here is just the clip of sun going dark:

Since when do Clouds cast a shadow ON the sky?


Very interesting moon imagery:


This shows the moon moving in very odd ways:






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