Earthing and staying healthy

As you know, I love Dr. Tent’s lectures, and I don’t know how I had missed this one, but I found it tonight. It covers some really great topics that will help deal with stress, cancer, wellness and just living well given our current food health problems we face today:

I taught meditation for a long time, and I used to warn my friends to be careful if they sat next to an oak tree cause it would drain them, and I think this lecture explains some of that.  Now, of course, if you need to release that positive build up of free radicals then go plop down with your shoes off near your favorite oak tree and relax with a good book, but don’t be surprised if you are asleep very soon.

I might put up a blog post on how to ground and center yourself as it’s very good for rejuvenating your body, mind and spirit, and it’s not just for the new age crowd.  These are just natural means to reconnect with the beautiful world our Father has made.


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