Schapelle Corby Parolled in Indonesia

I have posted a few times on this horrendous miscarriage of justice, and today I am so happy to say that Ms. Corby has been granted parole by Indonesia.  She has to carry out the rest of her sentence in Indonesia and will be completely free to leave in 2017!  Ms. Corby’s ordeal has been well documented, and can be reviewed if you like at The Expendable Project.  Her own government and it’s lackeys were trying to derail her parole hearing, and one has to wonder who are they protecting?  My prayer if for the full truth, and full justice to come about for Ms. Corby whom I believe was completely innocent of any drug trafficking and was scapegoated when her luggage was used used as a mule to get drugs across Australia and they did not take them out at the right place, but let them go onto her destination where they were discovered and she was blamed.


One comment on “Schapelle Corby Parolled in Indonesia

  1. Thank God Schapelle has supportive family who’ve helped her through – her sister even moved to Indonesia to live near the prison. Plenty of other Westerners have gone public about the Indonesian Justice System & how you pay bribes to be let off. See “Banged Up Abroad” episode In Bali: Chris Parnell

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