Huckabee : A snake by any name is still a snake

You know, I have often agree with Mike Huckabee, but this story on Breitbart has me really mad.  I can spot a liar a mile away, especially a progressive one.  They used to be called Liberals until people found out what a liberal is.  Liberals have always pushed socialism which is really communism light, and one of their favorite tactics is that if the people catch onto what you are up to, don’t stop, just re-brand it.

Why, they do it all the time.  American Eugenics society that believed in controlled birth, sterilizing the feeble minded and such changed names to planned parenthood.  Now, they just try to kill all the black babies they can, and act like they are doing that community a service when in fact they hate blacks.  Just look at their history.  Go on, look up MAAFA21 on this blog site. Watch that movie and call me a liar. Yes, those progressives love to change names, and now Mike has shown his true colors:

Mike Huckabee to Common Core Creators: Rebrand, Don’t Retreat

Though former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told his Fox News Channel audience in early December he was no longer supporting the Common Core standards for which he had avidly campaigned, his message to one of the groups that created the standards was different.

According to The Washington Post, at a recent meeting of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), one of the organizations that created the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), Huckabee urged state education officials to get rid of the “Common Core” name because it has become “toxic.”

As the Post indicates, however, Huckabee still intends to support the standards.

“Rebrand it, refocus it, but don’t retreat,” Huckabee reportedly told CCSSO members.

As Breitbart News reported in December, Huckabee, who is considered to be a Republican presidential hopeful in 2016, opened one of his shows by telling his audience that people have been posting on his Facebook page that they will never watch his show again because he supports the Common Core standards. Others, he said, have told him they could not trust him because of his support of the standards, and some said he needed to learn the truth about Common Core.

“I don’t support what Common Core has become in many states or school districts,” Huckabee said. “Look, I’m dead set against the federal government creating a uniform curriculum for any subject. I oppose the collection of personal data on students that would identify them and then track them, and certainly any effort to give that personal information to the federal government.”

“I am steadfast in my belief that parents – parents – should ultimately decide the best venue for their children’s education, whether it’s public schools, private schools, religious schools, or home schools,” Huckabee added.

Merely changing the name of the “Common Core” standards, in fact, is becoming the new trend across the country.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R) has used an executive order to purge the name “Common Core” from the standards and refer to them, instead, as Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards: “The Executive Order requires that executive agencies refer to the standards, adopted in 2010, as Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards, and encourages citizens and education stakeholders to do the same.”


It’s gotten to the point that if their lips are moving, they are lying.  It’s time to get rid of all national politicians, go grass roots, and never trust a lawyer, banker, bureaucrat again.


9 comments on “Huckabee : A snake by any name is still a snake

  1. What do they call 500 lawyers [bankers & bureaucats to] chained together at the bottom of the ocean? A good start. ..!

    “It’s gotten to the point that if their lips are moving, they are lying. It’s time to get rid of all national politicians, go grass roots, and never trust a lawyer, banker, bureaucrat again.” You got that right Christina.

    Without a 3rd party, all is lost, and a 3rd party will never be allowed, but that is no news to you. … Glad to see you have your health back – did you get a flu shot? LOL – I passed on that one –

    • Hey John, Oh dear God no, I did NOT get a flu shot. I am right now loaded on musinex and Nyquil. I am awake cause I hate Nyquil dreams, and feeling well enough to do my “thing”.

      How’s it going in Russia if that’s where you are? Oh, my skype now is Chris.w652. So, look me up there.

      • I’m in moscow, and it has been cold – not as cold as Central New York though. Can’t say that I have had any Nyquil that I can remember. I take Advil COLD & SINUS

  2. Oops – how did that just send? Russian servers at Olympics time I guess:~))) Pray for peacful games in a war zone – really, some are willing to die to put mud on Putin’s face – I personally like the man, and from all I have seen over the past 12 years, he reaches out to the west.

    This so spoken about “gay” law is so not understood there in the west. I speak for Russians [and myself] when I say, they do not want gay people teaching their children. Are western people so blind??? If a 12 year old boy is told that it is normal and natural for him to have sex with another boy, what do you think he will do – especially when sally refuses him – – give me a break –

    Got that skype down – I’ll get to it as I am long overdue – I almost never use skype though:~(

    • No, it’s not codeine, hell just alcohol and dextramothorphram crud, and acetaminophen, but it does a number on a lot of people to give us weird dreams. I’ll go to bed soon though I am sure. Just prowled around the kitchen for some green tea. Just glad to breath normally now.

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