Nuclear Superb Owl?

So, with everything that has been happening, I had to look into the current state of affairs.  What’s going on with the economy, war, crisis, and controlled chaos?  The recent Grammy award show was more of the same Lucifer pagan worship ceremony right in our faces.  America loves the occult and lifting up Lucifer seems to the in vogue now.  I bring this up because it seems via the entertainment industry they like to keep the fires stoked to keep the dark in our minds and believe in the power of the occult, the seduction, lust, glory it offers.  Now, we have the next worship service coming which is one of the greatest of the year called The Superb Owl.  Oh, I misspelled that, The Super Bowl.

Both these videos cover important things to consider.  Nuclear weapons were in fact moved to South Carolina, and it seems to have been forgotten by most people.  Look into the details of the first video and see it it is not speaking the truth.  The end goal would be to bring in order under martial law, and possibly spark another attack in the middle east if Syria or Iran is blamed.

World wide events and how things might happen :

Who is playing in this years Owl celebration so many millions worship with arms waving in the air reveling in the competition?

Two years ago it was the NY Giants vs. Patriots or would could have fun and say, the Nephilim vs. the Loyalists.

superb owl

This year we have the Denver Bronco’s vs. the Seattle Sea hawks.  Denver has that snazzy creepy airport and reports of being the future home of the NWO with the Queen of England buying up land in the area like a drug addict stuffing their pockets in a heroin factory.

superb owl2

It’s easy to chalk stuff up to concidence, and since people were all up in arms last year with the Madonna stuff and Nikki Manaj Occult themes, it’s likely this will be just more occult programming and raising of energy in worship of their true god Molock / Baphomet.

Listen to Madonna describing coming into the “holy of holies, at half-time, a church experience”

So, do we have another disgusting Luciferian worship orgy about to take place on their holy day of worshipping their Owl Molock?

40 ft tall owl they worship at the Bohemian Grove every year during the “cremation of care” ceremony so they won’t have to feel guilty of screwing over their fellow man. Heads of industry, presidents, politicians worldwide (men only) go here for complete privacy and frivolity.

It’s time to stay awake.  Pray for one another, including me as I fight this virus and try to keep on top of the happenings.  I love my brothers and sisters in Messiah, and pray for God’s peace to rest on each of us.  May this be just a time to continue preparing and never to react in fear.


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