Odd Symbolism : Pope offers peace doves which are attacked by crows

Ok, this just sort of caught me a bit off as being well, odd.  Look at this photo and the description with it:

A dove which was freed by children flanked by Pope Francis during the Angelus prayer, is attacked by a black crow in St. Peter’s Square, at the Vatican, Sunday. Two white doves were sent fluttering into the air as a peace gesture by Italian children flanking Pope Francis Sunday as tens of thousands of people watched in St. Peter’s Square below. The doves’ fates after being attacked were not immediately known. Gregorio Borgia/AP


VATICAN CITY –  Two white doves that were released by children standing alongside Pope Francis as a peace gesture have been attacked by other birds.

As tens of thousands of people watched in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday, a seagull and a large black crow swept down on the doves right after they were set free from an open window of the Apostolic Palace.

One dove lost some feathers as it broke free from the gull. But the crow pecked repeatedly at the other dove.

It was not clear what happened to the doves as they flew off.

While speaking at the window beforehand, Francis had appealed for peace in Ukraine, where anti-government protesters have died.  Source

Sure birds attack other birds and I can hear the natural logic, and I also can see where and when this is taking place.  Is it just coincidence or will there be no peace from Rome, the Pope, or the Ukraine and world?  I once had a messianic Jewish friend who would not odd occurrences and say she paid attention to them as God was trying to tell her something in the spirit.   One had to do with doors repeatedly closing on her one day, and she found that she needed to make some changes to get things moving again in a direction that God wanted her to take.

I offer that as just an example.  So, is God trying to tell us something with these doves being attacked?  Is the Pope really offering peace or is it a false gesture that won’t come to fruition?  You can make things symbolize what you want them to, and the trick is to discern the truth.  The Pope after all does not control the birds, but the powers behind him are definitely trying to control much that we cannot see.  Francis is after all the patron saint of animals and ecology.


3 comments on “Odd Symbolism : Pope offers peace doves which are attacked by crows

  1. There are so many other signs that are going on. I don’t see how people can refuse to see it. the end times are starting up, not going to, but are already here.

  2. Yesterday, when I first saw this on the news, I thought the same exact thing. This is a message from God. We know that we are living in the last days and there will be no peace ! Get ready, the Lord is coming!

  3. The doves look so beautiful, peaceful and placid and those other two birds are just ugly. I have never liked seaguls. Seems like a classic sign of evil attacking good or just letting us know there will be no peace.

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