Naval Submarine Service

My son joined the Navy last January, went to boot camp in April, and finally onto submarine A school.  The military is not for everyone, but it is an excellent means to mature and learn discipline for most young men and women.  I am very proud of my son’s decision, and have watched him mature over this past year.  A week before he was to finish A school he was told that he needed to get a waiver and thus he has waited in Connecticut for a couple of months, but today I found out from him that he has been told all should be well.  He is now waiting his orders.

He will be a torpedo specialist and hopefully stationed where he wants to go. I don’t know if he will get his first choice as he did just before graduating A school, we shall see.  I can tell you that our military has a lot of patriotic, constitutionalist, loyal, God loving men and women.  Knowing he is serving us gives me peace and hope for the future.



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