Google “Auto-Complete” Pushing Propaganda

If you had access to every search done, every article reviewed by zip code, you could have your finger on the pulse of what American’s are thinking.  Now, if you had the ability to select what articles are placed on the front page, especially those towards the top of the search, then you could also push people into various modes of thinking.  The Blaze has a new story out about Google “auto-complete” feature, but they are taking them at face value, I am not.

I am going to put forth the idea that those who want to sway public opinion play both sides of every issue for the controlled opposition advantage.  Thus, based on your leanings, you will receive different search returns on Google or Yahoo.  Of course, they would say that they are just trying to give you what you want assuming you only like to read and see things you already agree with, and for some that is true, but for many it is not.

In the story on The Blaze, they are trying to show what the people in each state want, but is that really true or is it more social programming.  I noticed something about this image:

This Is What the People in Your State Want (According to Google Autocomplete)

Apparently, 14 states want to secede from the union!  Another two want to split, but is that split into two states or split from the union?  Interestingly, South Dakota, Iowa, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut don’t use the internet and want nothing.  Is this really what the top searches about that state reveal or is it what they want us to think about each other?

I just wonder what new movies will come out pushing this revolution theme.  More and more I see news depicting left vs. right fighting.  The push back from the right tired of the politically correct dogma may play into this idea of secession.  I wonder what search results would come up on an open computer with no history.  What are you being steered towards?  I make it a point to click into the third and fourth pages of searches and often find very interesting results.  My point in this? Do you really believe the labels associated with each of those states?

It seems rather contrived and meant to send a message.  Who benefits from it?


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