Rothschild / Jesuit Economic Control and Endgame

Here is another set of information to consider in these players behind the scenes.  I am working on another video compiling information for these world players as they tie into prophecy, and how the world board chess pieces are moving into place for the final push.

This is one to watch, put into your catalog of knowledge to understand the coming dollar collapse and upheaval.



Wake people up by sharing information.  Make blogs, youtube videos, post them on social media, and

arm yourself with true knowledge of history!

This book was talked about and is available on Amazon:

In 1947 Edward R. Dewey and Edwin F. Dakin published their book Cycles: The Science of Prediction which argued the United States economy was driven by four cycles of different length. Dewey devoted his life to the study of cycles, claiming that “everything that has been studied has been found to have cycles present.” He carried out extensive studies of cyclicity in economic, geological, biological, sociology, physical sciences and other disciplines. As a result of his research, Dewey asserted that seemingly unrelated time series often had similar cycles periods present and that when they did the phase of these cycles was mostly very similar (cycle synchrony). He also said that there were many cycles with periods that were related by powers or products of 2 and 3. Dewey understood his cycle theory to be capable of understanding what the market is going to do and of predicting what may come.

Or Read it here or on Scribd

Another interesting looking book looking at how high finance is being used to control the world:

In this latest installment of his remarkable series of books of alternative science and history, Joseph P. Farrell outlines the consistent pattern and strategy of bankers in ancient and modern times, and their desire to suppress the public development of alternative physics and energy technologies, usurp the money creating and issuing power of the state, and substitute a facsimile of money-as-debt. Here, Farrell peels back the layers of deception to reveal the possible deep physics that the “banksters” have used to aid them in their financial policies.

One person reviewed this book thusly:

While I like all of Farrell’s work, where I feel he really shines is in ferreting out hidden connections and subtle clues in history. His grasp of science, physics in particular, far exceeds most historians, academics, and others who research history’s hidden side.

This is one of his best books yet. He deftly connects the dots of banking, physics, music, sociology, economics, politics, and astrology in a remarkable piece of detective work. Sherlock Holmes would be proud.

I have come to the conclusion, through my own decades of research, that there exists some sort of hidden group of highly influential, highly secretive people who have been manipulating human culture for at least thousands of years. The evidence is amazingly clear for those who look for the signs. I came to this research from a totally different angle than Farrell (and others), but it is interesting how one ends up in the same place looking at the same people.

Farrell traces the use of money, banking, credit, and debt from historical sources back thousands of years to Egypt and Babylon (and beyond, actually). The existence of a powerful, secretive, multinational cartel of “bullion brokers” who control the mining, smelting and minting of gold and silver is quite clearly demonstrated, and their influence on politics, war, finance, religion, and science, even to this day, is made obvious.

While this book is intended to be more an overview of the subject than Farrell’s usual tour de force, he still includes plenty of references and citations to allow the reader further research. As it is, the book is a page-turner that heaps one fascinating fact after another onto the gameboard, and leaves one anxious to get to the next page and see where this all may lead. He ties it all neatly into some very powerful insights about our recent past and current predicaments.

I was particularly interested in the sections where he ties in the studies of economic cycles and radio interference problems neatly into astrology. I have studied astrology and worked with a professional astrologer, and know that many more people in business and politics use it than will publicly admit. I dropped the study some time ago because I felt that astrology, like many such mystery school remnants, were mere fragments of a lost science, patched together like some Cargo Cult replica, and did not function reliably. Farrell provides some nice work on tying some of those loose ends together with modern physics and his other discoveries, which he refers to as “paleophysics” – lost science of an Ancient High Civilization.

One other interesting thing is that I got this when I was about halfway through Marjorie Kelly’s “Divine Right of Capital,” another eye-opening book which reveals the completely fraudulent nature of the stock market and other corporate schemes. The two books together made quite a one-two punch of paradigm busting.

If you like Farrell’s other work, then you will love this. If you are not familiar with his other work, then some of the material will leave you with questions that will have to be answered by reading his previous books. (Which I heartily recommend anyway.)

Get this and read it now. You will learn a great deal about what is happening in the world now and why.

It is time to understand these controllers.  Everything that is happening has been planned for thousands of years.  These people have been in power within their bloodlines for eons, and they are ready for their final push to total world control bringing in the rule of antichrist.  If you are not a believer in Jesus, if you hate religion, if you discount it, you cannot discount the evidence that these powerful families have orchestrated events, gained monetary control, political control, information control, and are very good at keeping us distracted as they move us like a herd into the direction they desire.  You can even see it in music videos that are full of their message and symbolism.  I did a blog piece about this which you can read here.


6 comments on “Rothschild / Jesuit Economic Control and Endgame

  1. Endgame, schmendgame. Humanity is united, we are taking back our world from the Jesuits peacefully. Their chicken little panic gyrations are so not happening:
    From: Karen Hudes
    Date: Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 5:50 AM
    Subject: World Bank
    To: US Veteran

    Dear US Veteran,

    Christine Lagarde is working for the Jesuits; she is discredited and she is not calling the shots. The Chinese (controlled by the Jesuits) are not calling the shots, either. What is happening is explained in footnotes 7, 8 and 10 of this article: As soon as I and Elaine Colville got our statements on the UK Parliament website, it was more than 95% likely that the Jesuits would be deposed. Our latest correspondence with the UK authorities is at the end of this email.

    The 188 Ministers of Finance reinstated me as Acting General Counsel of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development so that the Jesuits would no longer run the show. Fractional reserve fiat currencies (like all paper currencies backed by nothing other than debt) always crash. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are no longer trading in dollars — they are using offsets, and the balance is settled in gold. That 25% of world trade is settled outside the dollar zone shows that the Jesuits are no longer in control, and we will not have a single world currency.

    What will replace the Federal Reserve Note is what John F. Kennedy was doing before he was assassinated. The dollar will be backed by assets instead of debt and will be issued by the US Treasury Department instead of the Treasury Department issuing a promissory note that bears interest paid to the Federal Reserve and ultimately transferred to the Jesuits.

    We are not calling for the gold standard. Each country will back its own, separate, currency with assets, as it sees fit. The legal tender laws that force people to accept the debt-backed currencies issued by the members of that cesspool called the Bank for International Settlements will end, and people will be free to accept competing currencies as they see fit. By the way, the charade going on in Ukraine is more of the same threadbare Jesuit theatre. The Jesuits are like a two-year-old child with a blanket on its head that thinks it is invisible.

    Karen Hudes

    Attached: Karen Hudes’ and Elaine Colville’s emails to UK authorities:

    On Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 9:42 PM, US Veteran wrote:
    Thanks for your reply. I am in the military and no one is talking about this stuff. But I can say if they did know I don’t think anyone would support corruption. I don’t know anyone that would put larger numbers of Americans into the so called “FEMA” camps. I have heard of the HLS people buying lots of ammunition etc…..and many say they are going to come and put people into FEMA camps. I don’t think anyone in the military will tolerate stuff like that going on and further more the FEMA/TSA folks that I have worked with have always struck me as less than competent.

    I have noticed the Chinese calling for the gold standard to come back into the financial system I don’t know how realistic this would be in that it would cut the money supply significantly right when at a time when the world has one of the largest populations in history. I was watching CSPAN the other day and Christine Lagarde was doing a Q&A session. At one point she said that the US Dollar would be like the British currency in that it would eventually be “joined” by another currency and eventually the dollar would be phased out as the world’s reserve currency just like the british pound sterling. She did not elaborate on the time line.

    Anyway, I am sure you are busy I will stop bothering you just know I will keep you in my prayers I am in your corner. I will try to support you on your website if I can ever find a job. Times are crazy when a military guy with a security clearance cannot find a job. LOL Be safe.

    God Bless,
    US Veteran

    On Jan 26, 2014, at 8:13 PM, Karen Hudes wrote:

    The only crystal ball I have says that things will be ok. That is footnotes 7, 8 and 10 in

    Once Elaine Colville and I got our statements in the UK Parliament website, the power transition model was predicting that rule of law would prevail.

    House of Commons International Development Committee, Written Evidence for the inquiry into The work of the Independent Commission for Aid Impact, published July 7, 2012 available here:
    House of Commons Public Administration Committee, Written Evidence for the inquiry into Public engagement in policy making, published November 2, 2012 available here:
    House of Commons Public Administration Committee, Written Evidence for the inquiry into Complaints Do They Make A Difference, published July 20, 2013, pages 186-7 (Elaine Colville, another World Bank Whistleblower’s testimony is on Page 178) available here
    The European Parliament Committee on Budgetary Control Hearing on Whistleblowing May 25, 2011 available here:

    My Ripoff Report about this corruption is at:

    There is no doubt that we live in uncertain times. But do you want to run the certain risk of the tax penalties for early withdrawal from IRA’s?


    On Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 8:26 PM, karen hudes wrote:
    From: US Veteran
    Subject: Thanks

    Message Body:
    Thank you Miss Hudes for taking a stand. I am curious of your opinion if people should take money out of retirement accounts (Roth IRAs, IRAS, 401k) before broke governments take our deposits ?

    US Veteran

    • Hello Karen, I am assuming you are the one blowing the whistle, and if this is the case, while it might seem odd, I was wondering if you think there is any link to what is happening in the Ukraine right now with the massive uprising, and if we will see more of this. I am not sure what the IMF involvement is, but it appears the people of the Ukraine want to join the EU and leave Russian influence. Given their bloody history with Russia I can understand why, but is this a good move?

      I look forward to your input on this if you have anything to educate us regarding the current political upheavals.

      Thanks for the reply,


  2. Putin met with Yanukovych Jan. 24th on a proposed ”strategic partnership” between the two nations. Ukraine owes Russia $17 billion in debt repayments and Russian gas bills. Ukraine needs $10 billion to avoid possible default and is in recession. Yanukovych has rejected the International Monetary Fund’s bailout and is considering Russia’s offer of financial aid and cheaper energy prices. Putin characterized the demonstrations as a “pogrom.” “This internal political process is an attempt by the opposition to destabilize the existing legitimate rule in the country,” he said during a visit to the former Soviet nation of Armenia. The protests in Ukraine are incited by the Jesuits to topple Yanukovych and create chaos in the Ukraine.

    • Thank you Karen, I can see what you are saying. I was wondering if you had read the book I referenced in this blog post by Ferrell, and if so any insights you have on it. I am planning on getting it, but found the comments about it worth posting it for others to get.

      Please feel free to post any updates you have of what you are doing on my blog or send me an email and I will post anything you find informative.

      I do hope you are well as it is not a comfortable place to be under scrutiny. I know, I have been there many times. I do wish you well.


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