Mapping Distortions

Amazing how the map we think we know of the world is not realistic according to this information about mapping distortions.

Vanessa Fire

Greg Osuri created this visual representation of the relative size of Africa (seen first on Boing Boing).

The purpose is to show the vastness of this incredible continent.  I’d seen a similar map previously on Dark Roasted Blend and went looking for it there (it has since vanished?) and then elsewhere in the google-verse, simultaneously getting drawn into reading the rather enlightening (about the unlightened) responses in the comments on Big Think (which devolve into repetition and slander, as they do).  From “Where is Alaska and Hawaii?  You left them out!  America is bigger than that!!” to “No, I think their landmasses were taken into account, anyway if not, you could probably puzzle them into the gaps and besides you’re missing the point.” to “What a waste of land.” (WTF?!) to “I always thought America was bigger than Africa!  Thanks for teaching me otherwise.”  (I’ll spare you the rest…

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