Many People Vanishing in National Parks

Ok, this is a very odd report.  I don’t watch a lot of mainstream TV anymore, so maybe it has been reported on widely; however, I would think this would have been noticed and talked about more than it has.  This is a verified missing people problem and the FOIA filed returned a “HELL NO” response!  Why are they vanishing?  What’s going on?   I’d like more information on this, and wonder what the heck is going on with these missing people:

This is close to an X Files sort of story.    Scratching my head on this.

So, I dug up another interview with David Paulides which is very interesting.  The really odd thing is the stone walling he ran into from the National Park Service who disregarded the FOIA laws.  Who is abducting these people?  I cannot imagine what their families have gone through and there seems to be zero effort to find them after the initial search and rescue.

It is odd that the paperback of this book costs $56.00 at Amazon.  You can buy it on David’s site for $25.00

Buy the book

Missing 411-Western U.S. Edition


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