Wag the Dog : MSNBC Mocks Romney’s Black Grandchild

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I am not going to post the video of the MSNBC host and the discussion they had about the Romney’s having a black grandchild.  Simply put, this was disgusting.   They tried to allude to the need of the GOP to be able to point to a black person in the crowd who agrees with them.

On Sunday’s “Melissa Harris-Perry” show, Harris-Perry led a panel in discussing the “Photos of the Year,” which included a Romney family Christmas photo. In the photo, Romney is seen holding his adopted grandchild, Kieran, who is black.

During the segment, guest panelist Pia Glenn sang, “One of these things is not like the others! One of these things just isn’t the same,” a reference to Kieran. “And that little baby, front and center, would be the one.”  SOURCE

Naturally, the host apologized.  She started reading tweets about this and when she got to one comment she stopped and simply apologized for offending the woman whose child has had to hear this kind of stuff all his life!
Most people will be offended at this sort of behavior of MSNBC and the apology is naturally expected; however, this is just a wag the dog tactic.  You see, this is much as the same as an attorney in court saying something they know will be immediately objected to and knows once the jury hears something the damage is done even if the Judge tells them to disregard that statement!
You see, we are still talking about this and people are still arguing over it.  This divide and conquer game is played so well by the media news and commentary manipulators.  It’s simply wag the dog on a daily basis (Sarah Palin comments by Bashir on MSNBC recently).  The real point is to continually paint the GOP as a old white guys party that needs token blacks.  The truth is more and more black people are leaving the Democrat party because it does not represent their moral values.  We have to be distracted by controversy so we won’t come together and stop the raping of the Constitution and America by our politicians.





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