Pauline Parodox : Traditions of Man

I have written a number of posts about the so called Apostle Paul.  You can look up Paul’s gospel vs. Jesus’ Gospel.  I am open to learning new things all the time, to search out the truth and agree with 119 ministries to test everything.  Was Paul misquoted?  Is it a Greek writing problem where Paul seems to teach against the law?  What is the oral tradition Paul taught against called the oral law?  He seemed to teach it was ok to eat food sacrificed to idols despite specific mandate against it.  I have just started watching this teaching, and have gotten through the first video.  I am sharing it now, and will include the follow-up ones, though I may update this post if I find anything in grave error biblically.

As pointed out in this video, the Catholic church was in error for hundreds of years and that brought about the reformation time.  Do you believe that the protestant church is incapable of error today?  We have 50,000 denominations in the protestant family, so we can’t all be right.  I encourage you to watch this video, get out your bible, stop it, verify what it is saying, and decide for yourself based on the word of God if it is in error.






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