Messiah : Rock of Salvation

I made this video to explain what Yeshua actually said and meant when he told Simon bar Jonah, “On this rock I will build my church”.  The image of the rock appears in many parts of the bible, and plays a large part in what Yeshua said to Simon whom he renamed, Peter.


I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to any comments or questions:


4 comments on “Messiah : Rock of Salvation

    • Thank you John, for your comment. I am a little unsure if my method of teaching will be lost as some won’t want to watch the short video clips in the beginning maybe. I believe they lay the foundation for the rest though. I am glad you liked it! I am now starting to work on the hour Yeshua prayed in the garden.

  1. unbelievable jehovah yeshua . a small start of truth. whats the origins of christmas,easter and many so called celebrations of christendom……are these founded on truth. was yeshua hung on a cross or a tree[tau] . how many lies support the kingdom of christendom. who is the great harlot that has prostituted herself to the world. spirit and truth are asked for………for so long only LIES. dare to question seek the truth……as pontius pilot said …what is truth.

    • Satan was very quick to subvert the gift of the truth, and the message of Messiah. I am already working on my second video concept and then I think I will tackle this systemic Luciferian deception that started in the first age and has worked all the way up to now. Lucifer is not very creative, but he knows how to deceive, and his system works very well if one is given to greed, lust, and irresponsibility.

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