Pension Funds Doomed

Back in 2005 the law was changed regarding bankruptcy for businesses and pension funds being placed lower on the list of people to be paid!  Thus, it is easy to see that nothing will be left to pay back to those who dedicated years of service to a company that chooses or has to due to the economy claim bankruptcy!  What a great way to get out of their obligations.  Realist news did a pretty good video on the possible coming changes:

This week Lindsey Williams:

Financial collapse coming :   January 1, 2015 – June 2015

It is NOT when stock market crashes

It is NOT when the dollar is devalued

It is NOT when gold prices drop 1000 pts

The Financial collapse will take place after the affordable healthcare bill is fully implemented.  The banks will close and you WILL lose everything in them!  These things will happen between now and the collapse:

1.  Confiscation and Nationalization of Pension Funds

2.  Currency Devaluation

3.  American Dollar will LOSE is Reserve Currency Status

4.  Global Currency RESET !  Thus Washington will say they have to confiscate the pension funds to cover our debt.  It’s either collapse America immediately or take the funds.

You must now buy Gold and Silver NOW!  China is purchasing all the gold they can right now. They have bought THOUSANDS of METRIC TONS of gold!!!  China is preparing for this Global Reset.  The world bank with conjunction of the elite will REVALUE 204 countries within 5% deferential with each other.  There will be no more currency wars.

To get the full content watch this video:

Here is an article about the smart meter affecting people in the middle of the night:

Sleepless Valley Woman Blames SRP Meters 2-21-2011

I fully expect massive upheaval based on prophecy by 2016, and this lines up with that situation.   Is Lindsey Graham fear mongering?  He says there will be no riots because the banks will be open, checks will go out from funds, but within 6 months things will stop.  You can visit for updates at  

I caution you to set aside supplies to get through tough times.  Fear is the opposite of love and if you act out of fear you cannot follow God.  It is time to pray, seek God, and prepare for what is coming.  The antichrist comes in peacefully and prosperously for those who love this new system which will come after this global collapse of the financial system.  Out of fear, people will be glad to welcome in the new system.

I will also say, that I think Lindsey Williams is being allowed to tell us this.  The answer to why he is, is not something I can answer.  I can guess it is to stir up fear, it is to let the elites off the hook of their “karmic” debt because they believe if they tell us what they are doing and we don’t stop them, then what we get is our own fault and we are the stupid beasts (sheep / cows) they think that we are.  I believe it’s prophecy coming to pass, and those of us who know what is happening can make plans, and not react in fear, but help those around us in times of need.

My other concern is that if you go to Lindsey’s site you will have to buy stuff to get the inside information on various things.  If he truly is trying to help us and the end is this near, then why is he selling us stuff?  I am not against people making money; however, if you knew a storm was coming and you could help them in a tangible way with information then why would you make them buy it?   So, I cannot help but feel Mr. Williams is lining his pockets as God condemns those hireling shepherds who used the sheep.



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