Wag the Dog : MSNBC Mocks Romney’s Black Grandchild

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I am not going to post the video of the MSNBC host and the discussion they had about the Romney’s having a black grandchild.  Simply put, this was disgusting.   They tried to allude to the need of the GOP to be able to point to a black person in the crowd who agrees with them.

On Sunday’s “Melissa Harris-Perry” show, Harris-Perry led a panel in discussing the “Photos of the Year,” which included a Romney family Christmas photo. In the photo, Romney is seen holding his adopted grandchild, Kieran, who is black.

During the segment, guest panelist Pia Glenn sang, “One of these things is not like the others! One of these things just isn’t the same,” a reference to Kieran. “And that little baby, front and center, would be the one.”  SOURCE

Naturally, the host apologized.  She started reading tweets about this and when she got to one comment she stopped and simply apologized for offending the woman whose child has had to hear this kind of stuff all his life!
Most people will be offended at this sort of behavior of MSNBC and the apology is naturally expected; however, this is just a wag the dog tactic.  You see, this is much as the same as an attorney in court saying something they know will be immediately objected to and knows once the jury hears something the damage is done even if the Judge tells them to disregard that statement!
You see, we are still talking about this and people are still arguing over it.  This divide and conquer game is played so well by the media news and commentary manipulators.  It’s simply wag the dog on a daily basis (Sarah Palin comments by Bashir on MSNBC recently).  The real point is to continually paint the GOP as a old white guys party that needs token blacks.  The truth is more and more black people are leaving the Democrat party because it does not represent their moral values.  We have to be distracted by controversy so we won’t come together and stop the raping of the Constitution and America by our politicians.





Economy – Terrorism – Lies told to keep us complacent

We are currently in the biggest propaganda campaign of our lifetimes.  We are being told the economy is bouncing back, housing is coming back, and unemployment is down, but the numbers do not reflect this at all.  This video gives you the hard facts.  The title is focused on DHS busing in terrorists, but the economic data is what is most telling.  What do you think will happen when the nation can no longer cover-up these hard truths?  Is the implosion resulting in societal explosion planned?  You bet it is!


The coming bank runs and planned martial law:

Pauline Parodox : Traditions of Man

I have written a number of posts about the so called Apostle Paul.  You can look up Paul’s gospel vs. Jesus’ Gospel.  I am open to learning new things all the time, to search out the truth and agree with 119 ministries to test everything.  Was Paul misquoted?  Is it a Greek writing problem where Paul seems to teach against the law?  What is the oral tradition Paul taught against called the oral law?  He seemed to teach it was ok to eat food sacrificed to idols despite specific mandate against it.  I have just started watching this teaching, and have gotten through the first video.  I am sharing it now, and will include the follow-up ones, though I may update this post if I find anything in grave error biblically.

As pointed out in this video, the Catholic church was in error for hundreds of years and that brought about the reformation time.  Do you believe that the protestant church is incapable of error today?  We have 50,000 denominations in the protestant family, so we can’t all be right.  I encourage you to watch this video, get out your bible, stop it, verify what it is saying, and decide for yourself based on the word of God if it is in error.





Esoteric “wisdom” the occult and mystery Babylon

I just came across this video, and even if you are well up on the elites symbolism, Luciferianism, and the goings on in the world as they play their games in media, movies, entertainment, and the political world stage, this video is one you really want to watch.  There is a song in it that apparently, I being out of the world entertainment for some time was unaware of.  It is by Lauryn Hill, and she was nominated for a grammy for this song (near the 20 min mark).  It is my hope that those who are in the world who heard this song will look for the deeper meanings.

The hour is late, the worshipers of Lucifer know their time is at hand, and they are shoving it in our faces.  WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

The Hour of Temptation : Are you sleepy?

It’s taken me a few days to complete this video, and I have neglected to post here while working on it, but I will start putting up more posts.  The world certainly doesn’t stop just because I am focused on one thing.  I decided to do a video about the hour of temptation because it foreshadows so much.  That hour when Yeshua struggled in the garden right before his trial and suffering is a mirror of the tribulation of antiChrist when the bride of Messiah needs to be watching, praying, and not falling asleep, and yet Yeshua’s inner circle is zonked out!  This is a direct warning for those of us who think we are particularly close to Yeshua.  They represent the very elect, and yet there they are sleeping during a time of great suffering.

The Art of Deception

I am posting this short video as a primer for the current video I am working on about “The Hour of Tribulation”.  You see, we are being molded, taught, indoctrinated into belief systems by a mass media including the alternative media that is sanctioned by the controllers to induce fear, change,  and chaos.  Nothing happening on the world stage is by accident, and this video is a great way to show this fact.  I hope to have my new video done in a few days.  I hope eyes are opened, people question, and begin to start reading the bible for truth and understanding of what stage of the seals of Revelation we are currently experiencing:

Messiah : Rock of Salvation

I made this video to explain what Yeshua actually said and meant when he told Simon bar Jonah, “On this rock I will build my church”.  The image of the rock appears in many parts of the bible, and plays a large part in what Yeshua said to Simon whom he renamed, Peter.


I hope you enjoy it, and I look forward to any comments or questions:

Firewall Obama’s Narcissism: On the Path to Decompensation and Acting Out

This is a great interview discussing President Obama’s malignant narcissistic personality.  In this interview, Vaknin expounds upon what happens when the narcissists house of cards collapses, and what we as American’s could be facing in the very near future.  It is one thing to have someone without power who is a malignant narcissist fall apart, but when one has the kind of power that Obama has, the outcome can be very devastating for a lot of people.

Issa to Sebelius on Healthcare.gov Probe: Failing to Turn Over Info is Criminal Obstruction of Justice


I personally think most in leadership positions in government would look great in a nice Department of Corrections orange uniform, and I might get my wish for justice, but I am not holding my breath by any stretch of the imagination.  It appears though that Representative Issa who Chairman of the House Oversight Committee is also a little tired of being obstructed by Sebelius.

Issa’s committee has been investigating the implementation of “Obamacare” and the companies hired to create the website Healthcare.gov.  In the letter he sent to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, he wrote:

“The Department [HHS] subsequently instructed those companies not to comply with the Committee’s request. The Department’s hostility toward questions from Congress and the media about the implementation of Obamacare is well known. The Department’s most recent effort to stonewall, however, has morphed from mere obstinacy into criminal obstruction of a congressional investigation,”

The letter details a contract between HHS and Creative Computing Solutions, Inc. (CCSI) forcing the company to get approval from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services before cooperating with Congress, making it nearly impossible for lawmakers to get documents from the company directly.  CCSI has been refusing to cooperate with the Congressional investigation citing this contract with HHS, as if HHS has more authority and legal precedence over obeying a legal request for information from Issa’s committee.

“The Department’s instruction not to cooperate with congressional investigations relies on language in the contract with CCSI which precludes contractors from sharing certain data with third parties. Moreover, the Department explicitly forbids the release of documents without authorization from CMS. That argument — that the language in the contract between the Department and a private company supersedes Congress’ constitutional prerogative to conduct oversight — is without merit,” Issa wrote. “In fact, it strains credulity to such an extent that it creates the appearance that the Department is using the threat of litigation to deter private companies from cooperating with Congress. The Department’s attempt to threaten CCSI for the purpose of deterring the company from providing documents to Congress places the officials responsible for drafting and sending the letter on the wrong side of federal statues that prohibit obstruction of a congressional investigation. Obstructing a Congressional investigation is a crime.”

Issa instructed Sebelius to inform HHS officials to immediately stop directing employees and contractors not to turn over Healthcare.gov documents to Congress. He also reminded Sebelius that a subpoena was issued to her on October 30, 2013 and requires a response.

“Private citizens and companies cannot contract away their duty to comply with a congressional request for documents,” Issa said. “Furthermore, the Department’s instruction to CCSI and other contractors not to respond to congressional document requests runs afoul of a federal statute that prohibits interfering with an employees’ right to furnish information to Congress. Under that statute, any effort to enforce a contract that prevents a federal employee — or in this case, a contractor — from communicating with Congress is unlawful.”

We all know that something went terribly wrong and hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on Healthcare.gov.  Millions of American’s are either losing their insurance or paying a great deal more for it when the whole purpose of Obamacare was to lower the costs for American’s on average $2500.00 per year and help those who could not qualify for insurance to have the coverage they need.    I personally think this investigation will be delayed until Obama is out of office, Hillary is in office or some Rhino like McCain, and Sebelius will be just a memory sitting on a beach in the Hamptons somewhere laughing at how gullible American’s really are.