Pope Francis :Petrus Romanus fulfilling prophecy


Is he the false prophet?  Is he to herald in the anti-Christ? Is he the anti-Christ?  Is he a Saint seeking to walk in the footsteps of Christ?

Many in the world approve of the things Pope Francis is saying. He is lifting up the poor, rejecting the luxurious trappings of the past Popes, he is washing people’s feet, praying for the sick, appears to cast out demons, and embracing the cripple.  All of those things seem to be very good.  Yet, at the same time he is preaching a Marxist Communist ideology of redistribution of wealth and blaming Western capitalism for the ills of the world and massive poverty.  Of course, he is not pointing to the poor living under communist dictators and oligarchs.

We do not have free market capitalism in the world.  We have corporate capitalism and corporate welfare where they ruin the economy through massive fraud, banking schemes in derivatives and market manipulation only to be bailed out as too big to fail!  Real free market capitalism lets a business fail for bad practices which causes others to reign in their activities to not fall into the same problems.  Yes, people would suffer, but how many compared to the millions suffering under this false capitalism?   I have faith in the generosity of Americans to help one another in a time of crisis. Had these banks failed, the people who would lose their jobs would have been helped, and new jobs would be created, but that is not what has happened.  Now, with this communist usury system we see the economy of America being destroyed to help those who truly milk the system.  By the time the system does crash, and it will crash, there will be too few who can help and the planned outcome will produce the controlled society the elites have been designing for hundreds of years.

This interview is interesting regarding what has been happening around this new Pope, the changes we are seeing, and where we are headed:

All of this has been planned, and we are about to enter the 6 to 8 week crisis time period which will bring about the final order and “normalization” which a soviet defector warned us of in the 1980’s.  I wrote a long article titled, “American’s are playing a war game and they don’t even know it!”


There are several videos important for understanding what is happening in our world.  This is the one I really want you to watch if you are unaware of what Yuri Bezmonov warned :


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