CIA Manchurian Candidate

I am posting the following articles today so that you who seek truth can know and share with others what is really happening in America.  If you are as I am, a middle aged person who grew up in the 1970’s, you know America has lost it’s moral foundation and has changed dramatically.  We see hyper consumerism, selfishness, and a loss of real opportunities that our parents and grand-parents once had.  What happened to America and where are we going?  I share this last article to show the dire situation we are now in with the hopes that we can stop it, but if we cannot, then we can prepare wisely for our future and that of our children’s futures:

You can click links in this document. I recommend you go to full page.  You can also read the full article here.


One comment on “CIA Manchurian Candidate

  1. We are going DOWN, sadly. After a relatively meteoric rise to the top the United States is on the same downward plunge other countries have suffered once they are fall under the control of a deranged, megalomaniacal tyrant. Germany had Adolph Hitler, probably the most well-known or oft-cited UNTIL NOW. Now, we have Barack Hussein Obama. Who is he really? I guess it doesn’t matter. What matters is our country is being destroyed while the deluded, politically uneducated, apathetic masses – leg by a sycophant worthless “news media” don’t life a finger in protest. I am sad for my children and sad for the patriots of old who gave their lives to keep us free only to surrender, incredibly, WILLINGLY, to the evil fraud in the White House.

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