Quit Lying : Christmas has NOTHING to do with Christ’s Birth

Mall mayhem...
Suspected shoplifter shot after dragging cop through KOHL's parking lot...
Woman uses stun gun in shopping fight...
Man stabbed over parking spot...
Shopper Kicked Out Of WALMART For Filming Fight...
Man shot walking home with big screen...
Shoppers Trampled In Race For $49 Tablet...
SALVATION ARMY kettles stolen...
REPORT: Profit margins jump for sales 'hoax'...


All of those links are from The Drudge Report just now!   Forget we all know that Jesus was not born on Christmas.  Forget we are out to enjoy the holidays.  America has turned into a cesspool of selfish consumerism, and frankly, the majority of you disgust me!  Yes, chock this up to a rant.  It’s bad enough that we can’t just enjoy a nice season.  Forget the fact that so many families self destruct this time of year.  I will make this short and sweet…..

America has gone to hell, is reaping the rewards of turning our back on the truths that have made this nation great, and we are seeing the proof of the degeneration of morals so clearly by these headlines!

The one good thing to come of all this, is that instead of wallowing in this disgust, I am reminded that Christ did die for all of us, loves all of us, and as his disciple I am commanded to love each and ever soul in return.  I am facing the fact that I am not there yet.  I can choose to seek to do this.  I can see my own failing in my judgment, and recognize I am sad today.  I am sad for the world we are becoming, and the only real thing I can do worth anything is to pray for God’s will rather than mine to be done.


5 comments on “Quit Lying : Christmas has NOTHING to do with Christ’s Birth

  1. Right on sister. Another good honest post. When one is actually honest to a fault with one’s self, then being honest with other becomes an ease. I have no need to be liked by anyone. I have a desire to find some form of love for all; can’t yet do that either though! Life as a human is a life in sin. No way around that. I thank You Christ for carrying my cross. … JR who does not Christmas shop.

    PS: I’ll down load Skype into this computer before the end of the year. I almost never use it because I have a fair 500 minute a month international plan with Verizon. My Russian phone costs 3 rubles a minute to call the U.S. Let them listen, and let them cry:~)))

    Loving you though, and doing so is way easy – I frankly just like the way you think! Bless you my friend.


      • All’s well here Christina, and even better in Russia to. They are so much freer and not living in any fear. You know these things because life has blessed you to see what most have no idea about!

        Mother at 86 is ill enough to keep me state-side. I’m looking at escaping for the New Year followed by a non shop-til-you-drop Christmas. I know, dates are man made for man’s reasons – tis such a shame really; no truth to be found in man’s law & way. anyway, haven’t missed one of those thee for over a decade. I’ll know more next week about that. Rick Simpson has a clue, or so it looks. Big Farma does not for sure. 30% v. 3% at one year; no brainier it seems to be for me!

        See & talk soon. I read each and every post, just so you know. Always wonderful to hear so often from you to:~))) You are better than you sometimes give yourself credit for.

      • Thank God your mom is still with you! I lost both my parents a couple years ago, and I know they wouldn’t like seeing what has been happening. I have been looking for a used Camtasia program to do some videos, but it’s like hunting for a piece of straw in a bale of hay! LOL… wish me luck, I am too frugal to go buy a new program. I might have found one, wish me some luck! Hopefully, I will know in a week!

      • I do thank God Christina. Dad was with the 10th Mountain in WWII. He passed away in August of1973, just short of 4 years after my return. We lived on 110 acres, and we had worked around the home-stead together that summer. He was an art teacher. When he passed, I now realize, how my future depended on him the most just them. At age 23 my father was the only, and I do mean the only person I could speak to about the personal effect of having been at war.

        I sure do wish you luck! You will make fine videos I already know. You are on your way up Christina, and I do look forward to learning more on-screen from you! Perhaps one day Alan Watt will ask to be interviewed along side of you – no joke either there young lady! Go for it :~)))>

        With Love,

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