Pastor Manning : “They are going to kill George Zimmerman”

Let me ask you to think of a moment of having an enemy.  Let that enemy accuse you of stuff over and over with zero proof.  Imagine you are followed by the police everywhere you go.  Do you ever speed a few miles over the speed limit? Imagine every thing you do is reported on the national news.  Do you think you will fair very well if the main stream media is trashing you every chance they get?  That it’s reported you got a speeding ticket and then some person wanting their 15 minutes of fame and a chance to sell their story about you reports that you threatened them or pulled a gun on them and it’s their word against yours?  With all the negative press, if you get shot and killed by a cop and they claim you threatened them it will be justified.

If I were George Zimmerman, I would ask for political asylum in South America if I were him, because he is a dead man. He with either be killed in some trumped up story of confrontation with police or be sent to jail and killed in jail.  Is there any proof of George Zimmerman doing anything illegal that would warrant the treatment he has gotten?  He was found not guilty of murder, and yet ever since then it’s been one unfounded report after another of how out of control he is.  Just put yourself in his place.  What would you do?  I will pray for him, and hope he leaves the country.



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