Alan Watt: Planned Post Industrial Age

Have you ever started putting a puzzle together which you don’t know the final image?  You get to a point where it starts to come together, and you begin to understand all the different pieces.  I like to make the border and work from outside in, or if it’s really hard, I will separate them into groups and just try to begin to assemble those groups to get some idea of how the layout might be.

This is what I have been doing for nearly two decades in regards to our world system.  I have always loved history, psychology and sociology.  I enjoy people, and seeing how similar we all are despite our different cultures.  I was privileged to travel a great deal growing up due to my father flying for a foreign airline.  I lived all over the world, and despite differing religions, I learned that people are generally the same everywhere.  We are curious, we love our families and our countries.  We want our children to do well, and we want to have opportunities for ourselves and them.  It did not matter if I were living in Saudi Arabia, Germany, or Taiwan.  People are beautiful everywhere, and kindness is universal.  It was not until I graduated from university in 1987 and began my career, started a family etc. that I started noticing trends.  I notices that depending on the information being pushed, that I knew if a Republican or Democrat was going to win the White house.    I knew if it appeared war was looming that a Republican would win, and if a new social program was being pushed a Democrat would win.  If nothing was happening, then I would watch who won, and know we were either in for a war program or a social program time.  Around 1993 I began to see changes that appeared to start limiting freedoms in America and as I have continued to gather information, watching the watchers (elites) that I have seen we have been on this hamster wheel for a very very long time.  I discovered Alan Watt a couple of years ago, and he seems to have been doing the same thing I have albeit he is a commercial success and I am just a simple blogger sharing my insights and hoping to wake people up to what is coming.

If you too are driven see where things are going and where we have come from, then you will enjoy this interview of Alan Watt.  Skip to the 7 minute mark as there was a delay on getting Alan on the show.  I would love to hear your insights into what he is saying.  Is your family awake?  I want to encourage you to never feel alone.  The truth is being revealed, and some of us are just a little more along in becoming aware, and we can help provide stability for those just beginning to learn the truth of who runs our world, what they are planning, and how to be ready for the coming near future changes:


Alan’s website is not flashy, but it does provide some great information:

Cutting Through The Matrix


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