13th Star of David Constellation Coming

I have been waiting on a program to do a video, but I wanted to share some information which is in this video.  The following graphic is from scribd which I am embedding here as well.  The only part of this video I do not like is he is saying that we are all energy and that energy is either good or bad and in the end it is weighed and the good pass basically and the bad fail.  This is not true.  We have all failed plain and simple.  Our best deeds are as filthy menstrual clothes next to the goodness of God or as Yeshua / Jesus said “why call thou me good?  There is none good but God.”  So, it’s time to examine your soul.  Do you think you have lived perfectly and have zero regrets?  You think you can deny the mathematics of the Universe that points to a divine Creator?  It all comes down to repenting of our ways, seeking God with our whole heart while He may be found, and asking for forgiveness and to be saved by the one perfect gift in the work of Yeshua on the cross for us!  All I can say, is if you still doubt and are sincere in wanting the truth, just ask Jesus / Yeshua to show you that He is real and He is there for you, and I promise you that no earnest soul will be let down!  God bless you all.

8 means new beginnings. Thus, to have an 88th cycle means we are getting ready to begin a new age, and it is the Day of the Lord leading into the final judgement.

Now, let me blow your mind a little bit more (There is no rapture, but there is a shaking going on and it’s a spiritual one, we are about to see the coming of anti-christ, the twin of the morning stars!)  :

Click the full page image on the bottom right to get an easier view:


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