US Losing Reserve Status: On the verge of a Massive Depression!

Dan Greenhaus of BTIG says this chart is going around Wall Street:

Screen Shot 2013 11 22 at 5.43.20 AM


Wall Streeters Are Starting To Pass Around This Chart Showing The Market On The Cusp Of A Big Crash

What does the chart mean?

Dan has the best take:

Indeed, we recently devoted an entire conference speech to pushing back on the idea of an equity bubble. How do we know the story remains? The chart below, overlaying the S&P 500 today against equities in the 20s/30s is now starting to make the rounds. Without getting too personal, “chart overlaying” is lazy and this is no less so. But it does remind us that as much as everyone thinks everyone else is “all bulled up,” these views still persist and have shown no indication they are going away any time soon.

This is the crucial thing, which Dan nails. It’s not that the chart has any predictive value. It’s just interesting that everyone’s passing it around.

I have told you for some time that the economy imploding will trigger a massive crisis.  The entire world will spiral into war and chaos which will be a terrible crisis beyond anything we have ever seen.  Get your supplies ready for the next six months.  The bible warns us to not fear when we hear of war, but when everyone is crying peace peace peace sudden destruction will fall.  The destruction is the greatest lie ever sold, and it will be a false rescue by the ant-Christ system.  To get us to want it we need to be taken to the edge of absolute destruction, misery, and fear!  Don’t buy it.  Gold and silver cannot be eaten.  You need real goods, water, and a way to provide the necessities.  I am not saying gold and silver are bad, I am saying having it and not having provisions will not help you.

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