Unraveling Sandy Hook

This is a video that is getting a lot of attention on ATS.  It’s long, but if you want to see a well thought out presentation on this subject then grab a cup of coffee and watch it for yourself.  There are a lot of inconsistencies with the Sandy Hook shooting.   It’s probable that some died, but it’s also likely that it did not happen as we are being told that it happened.  False flag operations do not mean nothing happened or no one died.  It means that the read events are changed in media to push an agenda.  Hitler most likely did it in Germany with the famous Reichstag fire to gin up support to go to war.

The idea is that there is an agenda and as soon as an event happens there will be new legislation to push that agenda forward.  In the case of Sandy Hook it is to play on the emotions of the people for stricter gun control and to demonize anyone who supports the second amendment.  The least aspect of such an operation is to affect the populations thinking and steer them towards the goal of more government control.

The first 4 minutes does have some music overlaying the narrative, but that goes away after that point.


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