Help for Philippines – 100% donation goes to fresh water!!!!

Unless you have been living under a rock, then you know about the devastation that has occurred in the Philippines because of the massive typhoon which hit there recently killing thousands and destroying their water supply.  I have seen the videos of their desperation and felt, “What can I do” and so I prayed.  Because of the revelations of waste at the Red Cross I will no longer donate funds there, and so besides praying I had no direction until this morning.

I live near Tallahassee Florida, and we have had an outreach created by Scott Bonnell via Hope to Haiti.   As I was driving home after dropping my girls off to school, our local radio station talk show host who has had Scott on his program numerous times announced that Scott has gone into full action mode to help those suffering in the Philippines.  For the Entire month of November all donations, let me say that again  ALL DONATIONS will go to supporting those in the Philippines who are in extreme need of fresh water.  Scott has worked out a deal with a filtration supplier that for $50.00 he can purchase these filters which will purify  1 million gallons  of contaminated water.  So, if you give $50.00 then 100% of that will go to purchasing those filters and possibly some other supplies which Scott will find a deal on as well.

Scott Bonnell and Sean Penn helping the Haitians

I want you to be confident that this is not a scam but a true outreach to help those in need of clean water and food to eat.  So, here is a video about Hope to Haiti:

Hope to Haiti was founded in 2007.  Headquartered in Tallahassee Florida, we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization EIN Number: 27-1659233

Hope to Haiti has moved beyond the failed models of charity towards sustainable communities, economies, and lifestyles. We understand the need to inspire hope and create models that allow others to create their own hope for their futures. We know the greatest help we can give is to permit people to develop their own lives so that ultimately they are free of the need for outside support or intervention.
This shift has moved us to clean water, transportation, agriculture, housing, and micro-financing opportunities. Since we began our efforts in Haiti we have provided assistance through hurricanes,cholera, civil unrest and the devastating earthquake.

R. Scott Bonnell is the Founder and CEO of Hope to Haiti


Scott does not sit around wasting time.  This is an emergency and if you wanted to help and like me didn’t know how, this is a way to make sure that not only are you giving to help these people, but 100% of your money will go to them.  This is an astounding point to make here. Most charities don’t even give 75%.  Scott’s charity “Hope to Haiti” is taking this month to help those in the Philippines.  If you are so moved to help, please visit his donation page, and do what you can, and may God bless them through your generosity!

Go to HOPE TO HAITI and donate now! 

I know nothing is up yet about helping the Philippines, but this was sudden, and I trust Scott.  You can contact them there as well to verify this for yourself, but time is of the utmost importance and lives are at stake!


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