Faith Healing : Revelation of False Prophets & Healers

I have been doing a series of posts taking to task those who are the kingpins of the Christian Faith Healing movement.  They push a hyper spirituality and those who fall for their schemes are being played and their faith is being abused.  I am not doubting the truth of healing or miracles.  I have witnessed a few myself, but I have never done so in the presence of an audience.  I have never put God on trial, but I have had moments of knowing God would and could heal a particular situation.  So, I know from first hand experience that healing, deliverance and words of knowledge are true, but my friends, the fruits of the spirit are what point to the truth.

God is not the author of confusion and he does not need our money.  Giving those in need is fine and right.  Supporting those teachers who truly are preaching truth is fine and good, but there is no where in scripture that you have to pay God to be forgiven or blessed.  The blessings come from a heart set on fulfilling his divine call whether it be giving funds, time, or studying the word to show yourself a workman who will not be ashamed when faced with temptation and false preachers and teachers whom Jesus / Yeshua warned us of.

So, please do not feel I am attacking Jesus or those who are serving him in truth and honesty.  My issue is with people preaching a sort of false Gospel I call blab it and grab it that others call Word of Faith or Name it and claim it theology.  Would Jesus take your money which is needed to feed your children or care for your family?   Oh, I can hear it now, “What about the widows mite?”  If you will notice Jesus was not asking her for money.  She went to the temple, she dropped her coin in the community giving chest, and Jesus pointed out how great her faith was for it.  He likewise pointed out how those who do things for show are wrong and their gift meant nothing as they already have received their reward.  You cannot buy God’s favor.  Do you think God cares about gold?  The very streets of heaven are paved with it!  He owns it all, and we are his children.  So, it is with this admonition to follow your heart as lead from scripture and truth, but do not feel you need to bargain with God.

If you doubt my sincerity in posting these articles revealing the lies within the church, then I implore you to go to the 32:00 mark of the video and watch for a few minutes and then ask yourself if this needs to be exposed!

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