This interview starts out a little awkward but gets going nicely and reveals a lot of background facts based on eyewitness accounts.  The truth movement is a co-intel controlled opposition to keep us sitting on our butts and giving excuses to ignore real facts because of the antics of the likes of Alex Jones and David Icke.  It’s very easy to dismiss anything that comes out of their mouths when you have Alex ranting like a maniac and screaming into the mic and camera while you have David Icke telling us that the Queen of England transforms into a lizard and eats children in some satanic dungeon.  I mean, if Charles Manson with his wild eyes and NAZI symbol carved into his head said, that 911 was fake and the war is to profit the 1% it’s easy to dismiss him.  The same is easily said of the likes of Alex Jones, Icke, Wilcock et al and the “truther” websites that push their agendas.  So, enjoy this interview and find out what’s really happening and why real truthers can’t get out the message without the lies inter woven:

It’s not just AJ and Icke, it’s the Tea Party and Occupy Wall street crowds.  As soon as real truthers start a movement the hacks move in and take it over.  You must verify the information shared with you.  Never take anyone’s word for it, and when they produce documents verify them. Stop a video and look up the names they say, look up the operations like Northwoods etc and find out the truth for yourself.

READ : Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA



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