Russell Brand : New Shill for the New World Order

Folks, it’s all about controlled opposition.  Russell Brand is the new guru of the alternative truth movement.  Alex Jones and David Icke just love this guy. He is on popular media making fun of the pundits, and I like a lot of what he says, but if you dig a little deeper then the picture of Russell Brand becomes all too plain to see.  There are not a lot of truthers talking about this, and my little blog probably won’t be noticed much, but if you agree, I hope you will like this and repost to your favorite social media.  It’s time we stand for truth, turn away from this Lucifer loving guru’s and expose their lies.


brand cruise

Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "Rock Of Ages" - Red Carpet

brand 7

brand 6

brand 5

Masonic handshake with Jay Z

All Seeing Eye… what do the words say?

brand 4

brand 2

brand 3


Can you believe this guy?  He is fawned over and made the new voice of common sense and wisdom, and he is nothing but another charlitan taking people’s money, preaching his new utopia and vaunted spirituality, and of course it’s not Christianity.  It’s an ecumenical amalgam of world religions made to look like Christianity and truth, and it’s the latest schtick to come out of the elite controlled opposition alternative truther movement.

RedIceCreations: In a recent diatribe on BBC, Hollywood actor Russell Brand with Jeremy Paxman spoke candidly about his desire to create a “Socialist egalitarian system based on the massive redistribution of wealth and heavy taxation of corporations.” In this commentary we question Brand’s so called “good intentions” and how qualified he really is to talk about these topics as a multi-millionaire. More importantly, we discuss his connection to the Fabian Socialist magazine the “New Statesman,” of which he was co-editing for a week before his senseless speech and call for a revolution on TV.  Source
This multi-millionaire preaches about the glory of socialism.  Watch the video, learn about Mr. Brand.  Let’s take him from his humble Los Angelus Home
Katy Perry and Russell Brand's Los Angeles home. The four-bedroom, four and a half-bathroom house is 4,700 square feet and was put on the market in the spring of 2011 for $3.3 million.
Katy Perry and Russell Brand's Los Angeles home. The four-bedroom, four and a half-bathroom house is 4,700 square feet and was put on the market in the spring of 2011 for $3.3 million.
Katy Perry and Russell Brand's Los Angeles home. The four-bedroom, four and a half-bathroom house is 4,700 square feet and was put on the market in the spring of 2011 for $3.3 million.
Katy Perry and Russell Brand's Los Angeles home. The four-bedroom, four and a half-bathroom house is 4,700 square feet and was put on the market in the spring of 2011 for $3.3 million.

Let’s put him in the socialist slums for the regular people in Russia: 

Oh, that last video is a Detroit socialist utopian slum. See America is mimicking Russia more and more every day!

16 comments on “Russell Brand : New Shill for the New World Order

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  2. Incidentally I came to this page because I googled “Russell Brand controlled opposition”. I go with my gut and do my own research and can’t help but come to this conclusion. I don’t know why Alex Jones and David Icke are interviewing this guy. He doesn’t delve enough into things that matter like true freedom of thought and exploring aspects of the race issue no one want to talk about and about the financial elite pulling the strings on education, media and political correctness and people like George Soros. It’s like he defaults on the evils of capitalism instead of the financial elite who hijacked capitalism and bureaucracy.
    This is just my opinion.

    • I find the overt hypocrisy of Brand much like that of Michael Moore. Slam capitalism and free economy all while becoming a millionaire as they hock their wares in video. I applaud independent thinking, but every movement of the people is quickly taken over by the controllers to again have controlled opposition. The Tea Party was taken over by the RINO’s. Was Occupy ever grass roots or was Soros funding it all the way? I found it most humorous how the elite snobs had catered sushi in their tents as they complained about the smelly homeless people showing up to eat their food! We are watching circuses and it’s Rome all over again. The destruction of Rome was planned as it had run it’s course, and quite frankly the freedom of America has run its course. It’s time to take the next step and go back to Lords and serfs. It’s happening faster than most can realize.

      • (i’m shutupgo)
        These are very scary times we’re living in, unifiedsereinty. I’m terrified actually. I can’t believe what’s been happening to our country for the last 6 years, (and probably further into the Bush administration). However I’m not quite ready to write off America just yet; there are many MANY people who are waking up to the b.s.

        For me personally the worst of it is the idea of “political correctness”. I’m black and one time I made a statement that I prefer to live in a mostly white community like the one I grew up in because I feel safer and I like the feeling. I got instantly attacked. I never said I hated my own race. I never said whites were better. I never said others should feel the way I do. I was just simply stating a fact, my own reality. That in itself is a microcosm of what’s wrong with the current political climate; you have to ditch reality for the sake of the calcified mindset of those who are smug, opportunistic or can’t think outside their comfort zone. Also It’s this “idea” of political correctness that woke me up recently about the financial elite who hijacked capitalism, (I just woke up this year). Like many others my waking up was gradual, like pealing way onions. People are waking up. I believe in poetic justice and those who are pulling the strings on our media, education and bureaucracy in general will have to answer eventually. Narcissists don’t really understand spirituality, what makes us human. THAT is the mechanism of their downfall.

      • Hello, and thank you for replying and sharing your experience. As a follower of Messiah, I am first drawn to the truths I’ve learned from Him and the word as He is the word made flesh. I believe in prophecy. Knowing what is coming does not give me any special feeling of safety, but it does give me comfort. America is going to fall. The world IS going to go into a one world unified system that has a false Messiah, and the known world religions will all join together as if their eyes have finally been opened. They will be tricked into the greatest lie ever. I am very glad you are waking up before the real charades begin.

        First will come the chaos and then will come the “revival” and people will turn to a false peace. Remember we were warned to not fear wars or rumors of wars. What is the opposite of war? Remember we were told they will cry “Peace, Peace, and then sudden destruction will come upon them”. It did not say what kind of destruction. It will not be a destruction of material world stuff, but a destruction far more precious of the soul. They will believe the greatest lie ever sold. I really recommend if you have not watched the video I did on the Hour of Temptation that you will watch it in the above link under “My videos”. We have been told all things. I am doing my best to wake people up. I have not written much lately as I am watching. I am looking and I believe we have a chance at a revival before this calamity, but we had better get into the word sincerely and love one another or we will fall as well.

        Much love in Messiah Yeshua,


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    • Rather than call names, why don’t you give a more direct response about something written and put your well thought out response to the facts presented? My guess is you’re just angry and strike out at people you disagree with.

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