Kim Komando ALERT! Ransomware Virus Spreading

I trust Kim Komando, and you need to visit her link to learn how to protect your system!  If you get this virus you are pretty much done for!

Kim Komando    Security Alert

New ransomware Windows virus spreading

Earlier this week, I alerted you about a devastating ransomware virus spreading quickly online called CryptoLocker. If your computer is infected, CryptoLocker will encrypt your documents and give you four days to pay a ransom as high as $700 – sometimes only $100 if you’re lucky – to get them back.

If you don’t pay the criminals for their crime of locking your files using strong encryption, your files are locked forever. You will never get them back again.

While you might pay this ransom as a last resort, users are reporting that some files will give an error and stay locked. There is no way to recover those files.

Unfortunately, your antivirus software does not block this malicious virus.

This is important. If you get CryptoLocker, disconnect from your wired or wireless network immediately or else other systems on the network will become infected too.

Be sure to forward this security alert to your family and friends so they stay safe as well. This virus is hard to detect and is quickly spreading online.

Click here now to find out how to spot the virus before it infects your system and how to survive this disastrous attack unharmed.


It’s called Crypto Locker, a virus that’s infecting computers across the country. It’s delivered in the form of an email and users are tricked into opening it because it looks like it’s from a legitimate company such as FedEx or UPS.

“Ransomware causes your computer files to be non-accessible and when that happens you have two choices. You can recover if you have a backup which I hope you do or pay the ransom within 100 hours. If you do not pay the ransom you lose all of your data,” Computer Expert Anthony Mongeluzo said.



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