One World Church = New Age of Christianity

If you are not up on religious politics, then you probably are not aware of the movements that have happened these past few years to rejoin all churches under the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church.  I am not against unity, but it must be unity in Messiah Yeshua and the word of God in truth and not a unity to worship the beast of Daniel and Revelation.

The great dragon is rising, and few see it.  Most think of Lucifer aka devil, Satan, Abbadon, son of perdition, Apolyon, death, Father of Lies, anti-Christ as this evil being who would scare one just by his presence and looks.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  Satan comes in like a lamb.  Satan comes as an angel of light and is worshiped as the light bearer.  He did not scare or threaten Adam and Eve into damnation and the fall.  He did not hold Yeshua upside down off of a cliff, but used scripture to try to trick him!  It was only the fact that Yeshua being the word of God made flesh saw through his game and kept the truth and refuted Lucifer each time.

Study to show thyself approved a workman who RIGHTLY divides the word of Truth!


My brothers and sisters in love of God, I share each article on this blog.  The hour is getting so very late, and it is time to wake-up, trim your lamps and be filled completely with the truth and anointing of the Holy Spirit.  We were warned that the whole world will wonder after the beast, and unless the days were shortened not one soul would be saved, but for the sake of the elect they have been shortened.  The church is falling into apostasy, and you MUST wake-up if you are not to fall into this trap.  The bible tells us that the anti Christ comes in peacefully and prosperously!  This new Pope Francis is being heralded by the world, by atheists, and churches as a true example of Messiah.  This is a Jesuit who helped priests be tortured by his complicity with rulers in Venezuela!   You can put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig!  Here is some evidence of the churches coming under the control of rome:

Worldwide Ecumenical Movement on Humanism

NOT CHRIST and Salvation in Him Alone!

all seeing eye

I am taking these images from this video, and hope you find time to watch it.  I care not where truth comes from for God can speak through a jackass if He so chooses!  Examine the history, the word of God and the words of Walter Veith in this video and you decide if you are being lured into a pit by the pied piper Satan.

The Roman Catholic Church says it is the head, and all other churches are under it by Apostolic Succession!

Church says they are between us and God 2

Church says they are between us and God 3

Church says they are between us and God 4

Anglican Bishop kissing JP II’s ring!

Learn why the Pope always wear’s white and others most often wear black.

It denotes who is the more powerful


They are not coming together to lift up Christ but to change the world. Where is Christ?

Church says they are between us and God 5

Church says they are between us and God

lutherins 2


Paganism and Rome same 2

Paganism and Rome same 3

Paganism and Rome same 4

Paganism and Rome same 5

Paganism and Rome same 6

Paganism and Rome same

Pope takes place of Christ

Salvation not in Christ  3

Salvation not in Christ  4

Salvation not in Christ 2

Salvation not in Christ


2 comments on “One World Church = New Age of Christianity

  1. The entire ecumenical movement as it has shaped up is merely a sham to destroy the value of Christianity, and each and every believer should be praying for discernment to keep from falling into this trap. The Roman Church is the great harlot of Revelation and the Protestant denominations joining with her are her prostitute daughters. Please come quickly, Lord Jesus…

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