Forbidden History of the Reformation

I am keenly interested in how history is being forgotten.  How has the church allowed the truth of the past 1500 years to become forgotten?  What happened in the 1500’s that changed the world and spread the word of God for all men to read and learn?  Luther stood up and held his ground regarding what he knew the word of God said, and he translated the New Testament of the bible into the common man’s tongue for all to read and to loosen the iron grip the Roman Catholic Church held on the people!  People will say, “It’s not hidden, we all know about this” and yet the very town Luther did his translating work pays homage over and over to Saint Elizabeth and does not even mention Luther in it’s tour.  They stop people from even seeing the room in which Luther did the work, but when pressed they did allow Walter Veith and his friends to go in and see.

The Town of Eisenach

The House where Luther worked

The Forbidden Room

Martin Luther translated the New Testament in this room!

Now, learn of the history of the Reformation!  Learn what you will not hear Protestants preach today!  The 4th Beast of Daniel chapter 7 has risen again as prophesied, and yet the churches of the Reformation do not teach what Luther and others of the Reformation taught, and I have to ask, is the Catholic Church again spreading it’s influence and control so as to stop this truth?   How is it that the tour guides don’t even mention Martin Luther on the tour of this famous area?

The truth of the Saints and war against anti Christ.  The bible was given to all mankind by the reformers, and I ask, have you read it?  Read this charge, and know how much blood has been shed by Rome to stop this truth.  Gird up yourselves, arm yourselves with the full armour of the Gospel of Christ, and stand in the gap!  The war for your souls and salvation has never been more dire, and minds are numbed to sleep.  WAKE – UP you who love God and seek after his righteousness:

Draw up your confessions of faith, ye blessed restorers of a pure gospel; dare to give them to the world if ye will, but ye shall be stoutly answered. Against your Confession of Augsburg Rome shall erect her Council of Trent: she shall formulate her canons and decrees; she shall impose her Creed of Pius IV, and utter her chorus of anathemas.

Rise up, O Luther! cry out concerning “the Babylonian captivity of the Church,” burn the Papal bull, rouse Germany; but you shall have your match. Satan shall bring forth his Loyola, and Loyola his Jesuits ù subtle, learned, saintly in garb and name, protean in form, infinite in disguises, innumerable, scholars, teachers, theologians, confessors of princes, politicians, rhetoricians, casuists; instruments keen, unscrupulous, double-edged; men fitted to every sphere and every enterprise ù they shall swarm against the Church of the Reformation, each one wise in the wisdom and strong in the strength which are not from above but from beneath.

Rise up, Zwingle, thou lion of Zurich! lead forth thy brave Swiss against the enemies of liberty and truth! but ye must perish on the field of battle ere your cause succeed.

Ride forth, fair flower of France! strive, ye brave Huguenots, for your country’s freedom and the faith of the gospel! But Paris shall run with your blood; ye shall fall like leaves from a tree shaken by tempest; ye shall lie in heaps, like rubbish in the streets; your bodies shall choke the streams, they shall rot in rivers, they shall hang in chains, they shall be shoveled into cemeteries, or buried in dung-heaps. Rome shall ring her joy- bells and sing her Te Deums, and fill her cathedrals and palaces with acclamations because the massacre of St. Bartholomew has overthrown, for a time, the work of the Reformation in France.

Stand up, ye Hollanders! stand up, William the Silent! stand up, ye men of Haarlem and Rotterdam, of Amsterdam and Leyden, ye brave burghers and earnest theologians. Ye dare to contend for civil liberty and sacred truth: your land shall groan beneath the tread of Alva’s troops; your fortresses shall fall, your citizens shall be thrust through with Spanish swords, your possessions shall be plundered, your wives and your daughters shall be dishonored and foully murdered, your children trampled beneath horse-hoofs, and trodden down like mire in the streets.

Break thy chains, O England! Rome shall find means to rivet them again; thou shalt have thy bloody Mary, and thy fires of Smithfield. Protestant bishops shall burn for it; against thy seagirt isle Spain shall send her proud armada; a fleet of one hundred and thirty great ships of war shall come across the seas, twelve of them named after the twelve apostles; they shall be laden with seamen and troops, with swords and guns, with priests and Jesuits; the pope shall bless the banners. Woe to thee, O England, if Heaven help thee not, if its winds forsake thy cause! MORE


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