Notice How so Many Catholics Must Constantly Defend What Francis “Meant”?

The Biblical False Prophet Has Arrived

If you have followed the many comments about Francis homilies and particularly his interviews, you will notice that many Catholics are constantly defending Francis not for what he said, but for what he meant. They are putting their “orthodox spin” – and it is spin – to make what was really said sound like it was meant to be in harmony with Catholic dogma and doctrine.

You may recall that the Vatican stopped publishing the full text of his daily Mass homilies because of the questions raised as to the doctrinal authenticity early after Francis election.

The usual claim is that Francis was merely misquoted by the secular press, or that the headlines do not represent was Francis really meant, or that there were no “dogmatic texts” from the interviews. That’s simply mesmerized opinion trying to defend the indefensible through introducing doubt.

Such constant battles were not required for…

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