The Old Age from Pulpits to Cults : The Oldest and First Lie


There is a war for your soul.  All of your life you have felt it.  It’s surrounded you and challenged your spirit.  I don’t think we are born good, but we are born innocent of the effects of the world and those in it who seek to influence us, draw us into their thinking and circles.  We have a sin nature called selfishness and greed.  You can watch a child at a very young age justify disobedience and try to wiggle out of the chastisement of her parents.

This trait of deception continues with us and each time we lie or do something we know is wrong we feel that spiritual war.  The more we push it away and do that which we KNOW is wrong the harder our hearts get, but somewhere deep inside of us there is that small voice nudging us to not do it.  This is the hardened heart spoken of in the bible.  We know we are limited. We know there are others more powerful or who have authority over us, and yet some would say “I am God”!  What a ludicrous thing to say.  The very idea that we are God is undone by what limits us.  As angry as many are with Christianity and our God whom they say is evil as depicted in the Old Testament, I am frankly shocked they claim to be God themselves!

I know of not one person who is purely innocent who has NEVER caused pain or harm to another.  And yet, those same souls will raise their fist in defiance and anger at Yahovah and shout “I AM GOD”.  Well then sir or madam, why don’t you stop all the suffering in the world?  Why don’t you heal all disease, and get rid of the usury system?  Why don’t you give us free energy and provide, food, shelter and blessings to all?  I mean that is the very same argument these God haters say to those of us who have faith in Yeshua and our Father Yahovah.  Yet, the growth of this ancient teaching  called New Age Religion has sky rocketed in the last few decades.   We have people who deny the prophets of old who claimed to be visited by angels, visions of God, and inspiration by God.  New Age teachers who  themselves channel entities claiming to be ascended masters, Ra, a god and do not see the fallacy of their actions.  There is a reason the scriptures warn us to test the spirits.  Any spirit that denies that Yeshua of Nazareth came in the flesh, is the son of God, and suffered, died and rose is a liar.  It is that simple.  I can understand their error though because lying spirits can be so persuasive.

They can make you feel wonderful.  They exude a presence of power, sometimes of Love, and sometimes a sickening evil that later the victim turns to just not being used to that kind of presence of power.  They forget the bible clearly says that Lucifer comes as an angel of light.   Do child molesters or kidnappers draw their victim in with fear or with a sense of kindness and offering good things.  I think of the old lie of a pervert offering a little girl some candy or to come play with his puppy only to nab them and do their evil.  Do you think had the guy come at her with an evil energy, yelling, or doing things unseemly that she would willingly and happily listen to him?  Of course not, but these same people are easily deceived by a being of light who makes them feel special, and garners them followers.

It is with this that I now post this video which is long, but if you have questions as to what is happening with the likes of David Icke, David Wilcock, Acharya S., Zeitgeist, Guru’s, Prosperity preachers like Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Rick Warren, Brian McLaren, Richard Foster, Tony Campolo, Eugene Peterson, Robert Schuller, Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Robert Tilton, Gregg Braden, Drunvalo Melchizedek, and the list goes on and on.  I encourage you to understand how the things they teach are meant to bring about our claiming we are God.  Some use a Christian message and others use anti christian messages, alien thought based ideology by the likes of the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL).  For some you cannot imagine anyone listening to anyone calling themselves followers of the GFL, but I assure you there are thousands who do listen.

They mix a message of love and oneness through denying sin and punishment or loss from that to promote unity across the Earth.  Unity is a wonderful thing, and my name here as Unified Serenity should show that I believe in Unity, but I know true unity only comes through Messiah, repentance and forgiveness of sin as we come into a divine relationship with Messiah and obtain a new heart driven by the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  That is the New Covenant after all, but many would say the law is dead, there are no rules, and we are free in Christ.  How can the law be dead when Yeshua / Jesus plainly said, I come to bring in a new covenant of the LAW written upon your hearts?  Yeshua fulfilled the sacrificial system, but he said not one jot nor tittle would pass from the law until heaven and Earth passed away and all things were fulfilled.

These are the things to test any message from some so called preacher, teacher, new age thinker, philosopher by to know if they are speaking truth or lies even if they don’t know they are lying.  You see, that is what I want to get across.  I cannot judge what is motivating another.  I can look at their fruit.  I can not however, know if they are knowingly deceiving or themselves deceived.  I am also not saying people have not had visions, channeled spirits, or experienced something others would find other worldly.   I will even say that the more you are drawn to love God, to walk in truth, the more often you will be tested.  I have been sorely tested and I have NOT always passed.  I have had to let go of some thinking, repent of some things, and I truly know how easy it is to be deceived.  How alluring power can be and how seductive it can feel.   In the end though, you have to make a choice.  You either love the truth or you ignore it.  So, without further soap box speeches, I offer this and hope you watch it:

If you do want to walk in a right relationship, God is always there.  God never forsakes us, it is we who walk away from Him.  Just open your heart, apologize for errors made, and ask forgiveness.  May the Lord bless you in all things as you seek Him and a pure walk.


2 comments on “The Old Age from Pulpits to Cults : The Oldest and First Lie

  1. i have listened to Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland and i am not sure you are entirely correct with your assessment of them. You talked about testing the spirit, well i have and they all profess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Jesus came in the flesh on earth to die for the sins of man so that we can put on his righteousness. In other words, we will go to heaven not with our works but by the acceptance of Jesus the Christ! This is what they all preach dear, and about prosperity i want to state that what Pastor Copeland preaches is using the promise of God on prosperity from the scriptures as topics in prayer. For example if i want to be prosperous as a christian i will go to the bible and search for scriptures that talk about prosperity and use them as a demand in prayer. In other words i will have faith in the word of God about prosperity and wrap expectation around my prayer and it shall come to pass in Jesus name! After all God wants his children to be prosperous and Pastor Kenneth Copeland is simply showing believers ways of tapping that promise in the scriptures. Maybe you should spend sometime to pray and ask God to give the discernment of the spirit which will help you to determine what is of God and what is not. God bless you and all the best in your endeavors. Thank you!

    • I have watched and listened to these men as well. Tell me, is there any way for Kenneth Copeland or Benny Hinn to be God? Isn’t that the first lie to say I shall be a God? I wonder if you watched the video. Anyone who thinks they can tell God what to do, to be the same as God and say, “I am a god” is not walking in fellowship with Yeshua.

      I highly encourage you to watch the video. God had much to say about hireling shepherds, and these men are hirelings out to serve themselves, line their pockets, and are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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