The Hoax Heard Round the World

Frequent flyers here at Unified Serenity know I am active on Above Top Secret.  It is a forum full of intelligent people who wrangle with subjects varying from the UFO, Political, NWO (New World Order), Health, Evolution, Religion etc..  I have read some of Wayne Herschel’s works and found his take on the NWO / Masonic use of various numbers and Christianity using the Chi Rho symbol linking to the Orion, Taurus, and Pleiades constellations to be interesting.  So, I went over to Herschel’s site today to look up some stuff, and found an odd little note by him complaining about ATS for calling him a fraud and hoax.

I am first a truth seeker and not a debunker; however, if in my studies I find errors, lies, fraud then I will expose it and if that puts me in the debunker category then so be it. I share information as I find it and this blog represents my journey.  I have posted things  by Wayne Herschel on this blog and feel it is only fair to share this free book.  You decide what to keep and what to throw away, but in the end, if you are a truth seeker it should help you on your journey.

I immediately did a search on ATS and found an incredible thread, and some information you need to know.  It does not mean there is no link in the Masonic / NWO circle to the constellations, but it does certainly bring into question Herschel’s overall message.  Then I noted he pushes this new age religion Oneism which in my mind is a dead giveaway that he is a pied piper leading good souls into darkness all while believing they are following a path of love and light.  Lucifer comes as an angel of light, and your worst error would be to accept all those groups without investigating their sources.

From the ATS site, one of the members compiled hundreds of posts by the members and edited them into a FREE BOOK!  I have it below for you to read.  I want you to think about everything you hear and ask first, what is to be gained.  For me, it’s always follow the money.  Hershel like any good marketer gives you enough to entertain you, but not too much and then says, ” BUY MY BOOK”.  I am torn by this because time is money and it takes time to research things and if you are an independent thinker who self funds your work, then you need to make a living and selling books is a way to do that.  If your work is worthy then people will buy it, but if it is not they won’t, it’s simple capitalism.  Then again, there are all these controlled opposition sites online that appear to go against the system, but in my research I have found the NWO plays good cop / bad cop and the political wing appears to be against the religious wing so those sites against the political system appear to be for truth when in fact they are fronting the religion.

 Editor’s Introduction

This work is a labor of love. It’s the work of several people, all of whom have but one desire – exposure of hoaxes, meant to mislead the trusting, and separate them from their hard earned money by means of  prevarication, making up stories out of whole cloth and then selling them to a unsuspecting public either through middle men, as is the case with Ms. Faltskog (who has a history of creating sensational stories out of thin air, then trying to sell them together with spurious documentation to real researchers), or directly, as is the case with Mr. Herschel, by peddling books made up of complete flights of fantasy, luring in the unsuspecting with teasers thrown out on the internet.

Always, in the end, and frequently at the beginning and middle as well, there is the plea to “buy the book for the full story.”

We aren’t selling this book. We give it away freely, in the hopes that some of the unquestioning followers , and more importantly perhaps, POTENTIAL unquestioning followers, will read it and see the hoaxes for what they are: smoke and mirrors, no reality, no substance.

A means to pick your pockets, and make you like the experience.

You can read it HERE as well.

I started my search on ATS with this Thread called HOAX!

I then went to this thread called “The TRUE story behind “The Hoax Heard ‘Round the World.” (Exclusive e-book for ATS visitors)” which led to the book I found on scribd and you can read here for free.  Please share it with others as the member who wrote / edited the posts gave permission to share freely.


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