Computer Tech called to say my PC had been hacked!

I am posting this so you all know about what is happening in the hacker / scam world.  I literally just got a phone call from (234567895)  a man who had an Indian accent saying he worked for some tech company and they had gotten a report from my computer which showed it had been infected.  He asked me to turn on my computer so he could help me fix it.

I told him I would not do that, and that I would run a virus scan and malware scan.  I said, “Hey, if you are being honest that’s great, but I don’t know you from Adam, and I’m not going to let you have access or change anything on my computer.”  I then did a quick search on bing “got a phone call saying my computer was infected scam”,  I went to these pages:

It’s a scam.  Microsoft or some tech company is NOT going to call you up out of the blue to help you with a virus.  You will look them up when you pc doesn’t work.

I do highly recommend a good firewall, antivirus program like AVG and a malware program like malwarbytes.  I also use CCleaner to keep my system running.

Don’t ever give out your personal data to some person who calls you out of the blue, emails you, or offers to fix something for you which you have not requested any help with because you could lose your identity, bank accounts and credit.


Note the number 2347895.  234 is the country code for Nigeria where a lot of scams come from.  DO NOT ACCEPT ANY CALLS FROM 234 unless you have business with them.

Telephone numbers in Nigeria



25 comments on “Computer Tech called to say my PC had been hacked!

  1. How did he get your number? Is he going through everyone in the phonebook, or did you sign-up for a “competition” online? It is a scam & I rarely bother answering the phone anymore!

  2. I also got a call fro someone with an hindu accent saying my computer had been compromised and to download team viewer so he could help me fix it and asked a bunch of stuff like if I used online banking at that point as we spoke I looked it all up and it turns out it was for sharing information I told him no that I would take it to a friend to fix he ended up getting mad anyway this is the number I was called from which of course cannot be called back how convenient 2532429786

  3. Thanks for sharing your story Whisper. I really am worried that some older person will trust these people and have their bank accounts emptied! This is one crime that I think the governments around the world need to crack down on and SEVERELY punish the criminals. They are getting away with this because they are out of country and who is going to track them down?

  4. I am glad that you enjoy my site. I look forward to visiting your blog expressing your views when you are done, and will share the link if appropriate. I do not allow advertising of other commercial product sites on my blog though.

    Thank you for visiting.


  5. I got the same call and researched it. I told them when they called back if they called again I would report them. I went a long time without a call until today. I told them I had a tracer on my phone and to hold while the FBI traced the call( all a lie of course). He got mad and told me they would be filing charges on me then hung up.

  6. Got the call today from an unknown number. I asked for their name and phone. After I told her I wanted to call back the number she said okay and that she will wait and call me back lol. Never did. She walked me thru steps but when asked me to download something I told her no way. I didn’t give her any info so hope I don’t get hacked anyway. Strong indian accent, tons of background chatting…call center.

  7. someone has been calling me about that for a while. One time i decided i would see what they did. They did a lot of stuff on my computer, but i watched it all. In the end he said he wanted me to buy norton 360 and that he wanted to fix my computer, but it would cost a lot of money, i said call back later and ended the computer connection thing. I recently got called back, and the person said someone was hacking my computer. I just told them to call back. Now i’m scared somethings going to happen.

    • I received a call also (Indian, said I was hacked and he was from Norton, knew my name/address, phone and he did something to my computer and messed it up, said it was in a safe mode and wanted me to buy something for $200 to fix my computer and now I am very worried also and want to know if there is someone I can report this too that can do something about it. I fell for it, the I called them back at the number that was on my phone and at first they denied who they were then said the were the FixItDept from Norton which was a lie and a few words passed with their supervisor and he hung up on me. I called Norton and they reset my computer and took some info and said not to entertain calls like that as it was not from them. I just would like someone to stop this type of hacker! Who can be notified to stop them?

      • These people are outside the US 99% of the time. You won’t stop them. Just never give out unsolicited information. If you get anything dealing with security, your passwords, accounts, hang up and call the company or look online for a hoax about this topic at your company. I have never found one to be true yet. So, when in doubt, hang up.

  8. I got a call just now, the 3rd call actually, telling me that they are getting a signal from my computer and that they will help me fix the problem. When I told him that I don’t have a pc, I have a mac instead, he hanged up.

    • I am just stunned by the sheer audacity of these thieves! May God deal with them swiftly for their actions, and may they come to some form of repentance and understanding of what those actions mean to them down the road.

  9. They have called me 3 times since yesterday telling me first they were from Microsoft and my PC had been infected but had heard about these scams and told him to go away then about an hour ago had another call this time said he was from Windows I got quite angry told him he was a liar and not to call me again , he said my PC had been hacked have to say got in a bit of a panic my PC is not switched on and no way would I give him any information but can they get in anyway, he had an Indian accent

  10. hahaha so funny, i got a call today too from a guy with a hindu accent saying he was a tech guy from Microsoft and that my pc was compromised, i sense right away that this was a scam so i played along and went with it lol. “of course not giving any info whatsoever, but more like i tried to turn things the other way and the guy got mad lol saying they are going to shut down my pc coz it’s causing problem to their servers…. what a moron…

  11. This was my second time getting a call like this, actually! The first time they told me someone was suing my family, and when I hung up, they actually called back again (which got me really worried). When I later learned that this was all a scam, I was very well prepared for the second time they called me, saying my computer was hacked. It was so hard to stifle my laughter. I told them I had to go because I was busy, and they said, “M’am. Your computer is being HACKED.” To which I replied a curt “no.” and claimed I don’t even use computers. No one in my family uses computers, and no one is being hacked. Goodbye. I cannot believe they have been cons for so long– this actually seems to be quite a popular thing.

  12. This literally happened to me on August 21, 2015 im 11 and i had no clue about it i fell for the scam my computer got the virus my parents were so mad at me… Im grounded now 😦 The guy that talked to me didnt let me tell my sister and im used to being bossed around so i listened also he had an indain accent. My dad was the most mad because hes like “i havent even took the laptop in and i spent $100!!!” because he had to freeze all the credit cards and my mom was coming home from North Dakota.. And guess what he made me pay when im saving for a laptop for school well ask me questions because i remember every part of it…

    • Hey I know its a year late but the same thing happened to me and he knows my address name and phone number. My mom froze all her credit cards too. Did anything happen like did your credit card money get stolen? Did they try to blackmail you? Did they try to hack into other accounts you have? What happened after please email back I’m scared

  13. I got a call today… I told the person, Indian chap, that I what his to tell me my name and surname and if he works at Microsoft and I am on his file he should know my details, like name and place of residents. He then gave me a VERY LONG Serial number that is way to long, which was perfect because it gave me time to google “Microsoft-Your computer has been hacked” I then took a fog horn and asked the person to listen very well for my password and I pressed the horn into the phone piece and hang up… I really hope he learned his lesson…

  14. this just happened to me, a minute ago. Same guy with Indian accent claiming he was from Microsoft. that my computer was hacked from Nigeria. I didn’t believe him. I told him that I didn’t know him and in my calling id it said Private person private number and that I wont let him enter in my computer at all. and hang off. He called again and I didn’t answer, let the answering machined answered. I hope that he learned the lesson an leave me alone. If he call again I will tell him to fuck off and that I will call the police.
    I have Norton and I run scans just to be safe. Nothing wrong with my computer. I google it and it is an SCAM.

  15. Its always better to have a security installed in your computer, I prefer Microsoft Certified Software’s, I think Windows Defender alone is enough to save your device and data.

    Windows Helpdesk customer service phone number +1–844–445-4480 this is for united states for other countries you may also contact through skype and by this number

    1) You may use their contact details:

    Microsoft Northern California District

    555 California, Suite 200
    San Francisco, CA 94104
    Phone:(844) 445-4480
    Fax:(415) 896-1458

    2) Or, Use this link to leave a message:+

    3) you may try this also :

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