Comet Ison : Clarified

Ok, I love a good conspiracy theory.  It’s amazing what you can find in official images and documents, and when someone has the image tech to clear up an image things can get quite interesting.  Here is what they are saying is comet Ison:


But, it’s an over exposed image.  If you darken it, this is what it really looks like:

And if you do a close up on that, you see this:



This video shows how the image was obtained.  I am drawn to the idea of the winged planet, and find this interesting.  I do believe much is coming into our understanding now, and we shall see amazing things in the next few years.




Some people believe the government is planning an actual shutdown timed with ISON.  Is it more fear mongering?  Is something happening much as we see in sci-fi movies where only a few know the truth as they prepare for a worldwide disaster.  All I know is that FEAR kills and makes us do things we would not normally do.  God does not give a spirit of fear, but of a sound mind.  That means we have to think and be aware.  Are you prepared for an emergency? Will you have to beg and grovel for food and water if there is a disaster?

Do some research on how you can live during a crisis on simple things like peanut butter, corn and water.  It’s not tasty, but it’s useful.  Have some supplies set aside in case of an emergency so you don’t have to try to go to the store amongst people who are operating in FEAR.  It’s not necessary, and I am trying to tell you to do things that will give you PEACE and understanding.

I want to remind you that Jesus / Yeshua said to not fear when you hear of wars and rumors of wars.  That plagues will rise, disasters increase, but the end is not yet.  What is the opposite of war? Peace my friend is the thing to watch for.  When they cry, “peace peace know that sudden destruction is at hand!”  The enemy of our Lord is coming to play savior.  He is coming in peacefully and prosperously. The people, desperate from an incredible time of upheaval and disaster will rush to this savior who claims to be God, claims to be all things including Yeshua. More than likely he will say it’s the Christos energy and he is the same as he was then.  It’s all a LIE.  We have been set up to buy into this lie.  It’s called Problem – Crisis – Solution.

Problem =  World United behind ONE MAN and ONE SYSTEM

Crisis =  Economic collapse and Environmental Devistation

Solution = Miracle man shows up just in time to save us from absolute destruction leading us to follow the NEW SYSTEM And MAN / GOD

Jesus came that we would be saved from this, but our minds have been clouded over decades of psychological programming to hate what is good and to hate Christianity.  You have been programmed to hate them through evil men working as Christians who are not.  The church has done terrible things, and has driven souls away from God and our salvation in Yeshua/ Jesus.  It is only natural for you to hate him because of this programming.  If you are reading this, then you are aware of this plan.  You might not believe it and you might toss it away, but a day will come that my words and the words of others will come back to you in full force as the lie is ripped away and you see how you were fooled.

The elite have not hidden what they are doing, but those who expose it are called wackos, conspiracy theorists, and ridiculed.  You naturally do not want to be called that and so you join in without truly investigating things for yourself. You might surround yourself with those who say what you want to hear.  My friend, they are hirelings.  They are going along with the system.  You will have to make a choice in the end, and that choice will decide what you experience in the millennium.  Remember, many are called and few are chosen.  I hope you do choose well.

Eze 33:7  So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Israel; therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me.


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