I had a great chat with Walter Burien the other day (Happy Birthday again, Walter), and we talked about the CAFR’s, where to find the hidden assets listed in the funds, and what he sees coming in light of many talking about the economic collapse, and his views on gold investments.  Walter keyed me in on an article he wrote that shows just what he believes is happening and why he has targeted 2015 for an actual collapse, and it’s quite brilliant from an evil standpoint.  He has given me permission to share his articles so I will post it now:


by Walter Burien –
Thursday, 24-Nov-2011

People seem to forget that the dollar’s barter exchange value has been circulated for decades and hundreds of trillions of dollars worth of products and commodities have changed hands through the use of dollars every decade. The fact that the dollar is “just” an exchange barter tool since 1963 (the date when they pulled the coinage in circulation taking the silver and gold out of the public’s hands) has not changed.

Does anyone think the massive expansion of the economy would have taken place using gold as the barter tool over the same time period?

Individual’s assets in 1955 were rather sparse and bare compared to the individual’s assets today. Inflation has taken root over the last 20 years due to the spiral of run-away growth and the effect of greed and unethical oppertunity applied from and due to the boom periods where cash flowed as king and as time went by he who could cheat the other guy first walked with the kingdom of the booty. (within government expansion the before mentioned was done quite well)

The ethical and honest were pushed to the shadows to be ignored and the greedy opportunists walked with the booty and became the power base who now called the shots.

Per gold, what we are seeing at this time is the culmination of the “50 year plan” . People in general are not too bright. The public owns percentage wise very little gold. In 1963 / 64 when we went off the gold and silver standard, the 50 year plan began. The commercial banks; large international families; and a few countries started the focus and organized effort to buy all of the gold each and every year. Hundreds of tones per month as they manipulated to keep the price low.

Come 1999 they were very successful in their focus and plan. I would estimate their stockpile of gold increased by over 20,000 tons AND they did so right up until 2000 getting the gold at an average price of $134 to $175 per oz.

When looking at gold the parties mentioned above would own over 80% of the physical gold and the general population less than10%. Independent commercial interests the rest.

Well, it does not matter if you own all the gold in the world, if you can not unload it in barter for other commodities or property the value is nil.

So, here we go with 2001 and the stage is set and the play begins. Circumstances are forced to create fear; the sky is falling; economic doom and gloom come 2008; the propaganda begins to condition many with Parrot sound-bite conditioning to belittle the dollar and “gold is what is needed as the barter tool with ever increasing fever”.

Again, the general public is not too bright. Those commercial banks; large international families; and a few countries with gold hovering in the $1600 to $1800 per oz pricing are standing on a potential profit of over 1000%. They can not sell tens of thousands of tons of gold, the gold they own, that 90% of what is held by them on the open market or gold would plummet down to $10 per oz over-night, possibly to $5 per oz.

The volume of actual “physical” gold sales taking place at these levels over the last year is very light compared to what has been stockpiled by the cartel.

What you will see take place over the next two years is the promotion by the cartel to make the public believe “it is essential to have a gold backed currency”. The parrots will be saturated with sound-bites to Parrot away screaming and demanding a gold backed currency. **International Circumstances will be created to bring the fear level to the brink.**

Then in 2014 or possibly 2013, the Powers-That-be, will say: We have heard your cries and we must in good consciousness yield to your demands, so here is your gold backed currency… Bait; Hooked; landed; and fried.

** Now the cartel will have the liquidity ** to unload what they have stockpiled for 50-years as the country obtains the physical gold to back the currency… 1000%+ profit locked in and the public now becomes the bag-holder.

After the conversion is complete and the horde unloaded, then the collapse in gold prices begins (2015-16), with the true and real collapse of the dollar now taking place backed by the quickly diminishing value of gold.

The 50-year plan is complete. The wealth transfer accomplished for the cartel, and the public will be screaming and looking at who to point the finger of blame upon.

The only one to blame in reality will be themselves for so easily being masterfully entertained by Bait; Hooked; landed; and fried.

Break the conditioning! Look at “who” owns all of the gold. That old adage: “He who owns all of the gold makes the rules” applies and believe me, you DO NOT WANT them making the rules.

But then suicide is on the rise now a day…


Walter Burien – CAFR1
EX Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) or 14 years (1978 – 1992) and commodity futures trader of 33 years.


I received a very good response on the article I put out the other day: SO YOU WANT A GOLD BACKED CURRENCY

Please circulate the following as additional information on the subject.

I sent an open letter to RP four years ago and posted on my site and article (The Rock Thrown in the Pond) recommending a pooled fund of commodities and land (a commodity index) that would be a good thing to back the dollar and six months latter when RP was asked at a press conference per an exclusively gold back dollar he said: “Well, just a gold back dollar may not be a good thing but a commodity index of many things  would work” So, I guess he read and took heart to my letter.

My first article on this issue in 2007 was

The Open letter to Ron Paul email post can be viewed here –
Walter Burien – CAFR1
P. O. Box 2112
Saint Johns, AZ 85936

Tel. (928) 458-5854

Here is a 3 part video on this plan for those who want to hear it discussed by Walter. I highly recommend that you go to CARF1.COM and learn more from Walter:



  1. If WALTER BURIEN was right, then the elite wouldn’t be manipulating the prices of Gold and Silver downward. They’d surely want the hightest price possible to sell to every country, when they brought gold for less than 1/10 of its current price. However, I agree that once the new gold backed currency is made, then the elite will start to bring the price of gold down, and people should sell it then, (but not now).

    • What do you think will happen in the months when the economy collapses including the stock market? Might gold and silver go through the roof and those holding them waiting for us to demand a new money system backed by real money… ie gold and silver? I see it as exactly that. They want us to sell all of ours so they drive the price down so we will get rid of it, and play the game. Then they bottom will fall out.

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