Thousands of Signs saying Martial Law in Effect

I just came across this story and will be looking for corroborating evidence.  The first video has a lot of the F word in it, but it’s his eyewitness account:

Part II

Could the government use any issue to bring about martial law?  This video is interesting. Don’t give them an excuse to bring martial law.  I think we need to share our mind, but we must do it lawfully.  The truckers are pretty amped up over this.  The guys delivery in this video is not great, but it’s the information that I am after.

What about rampant violence?  What about riots if the banks shut down or some race baiter gets a group riled up?  Will that bring in martial law?  There is a reason DHS has bought a billion rounds of hollow point ammunition and MRAP vehicles to terrorize us.

The tea party people are being blamed and demonized right and left.  Don’t be programmed, and don’t give up your guns.

This last video covers various things happening. Ignore the opening music, the guy starts talking after a minute and showing the various articles:


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