The Hidden Ring Around Saturn

For those of you who love new discoveries and also look at spiritual implications, this one is for you.  If you have not studied Saturn or seen its interesting hexagonal vortex at it’s pole, then you might not make the connections, but Saturn has been connected to Satan for a long time, and this just adds more information to consider:

There is a hexagon inside the star of David:

The following images were taken from this article, which is complicated, but you should see many things tied together within this article that can explain the megalithic site of Stone Henge, and why the star of David is so prominent in the occult world, as well as it’s inner shape the hexagon with is 6 sides.

Thanks to Rothschild the traditional accepted symbol of Jewry is the Star of David, when it was the Menorah from antiquity.  This video is very interesting in regards to the history of this symbol and it’s links to Saturn:

Now, they say they don’t know why this hexagon is on Saturn, but this video shows how frequency can create shapes, and offers some insight.  Just what is on Saturn if anything? Could it be Satan’s prison plant? Could the ancients have recieved this knowledge as Enoch says when the evil watchers came down and took women who bore the giants that created such havoc on Earth?  Could they have given this secret knowledge that has been passed down to us from them and we think it is deep truth when in fact it is twisted truth that drives mankind to serve Satan aka Lucifer?

Enoch explains why this happened, and his book is quoted in the bible. You can read more here.

Also note that the image of the flower of life fits in it as well:

And to keep doing these math tricks with the image we can get this:

If you want to read the article about this math and what is could mean should you choose to ponder sacred geometry, you can read this and then think about how unique the universe is, how great God is in His precision and beauty hidden in plain sight! Read This.

His site has some amazing stuff, but please compare to the truth of the word. I share all I do so we can think, reason, and take that which is true and toss that which does not line up.  Here is his site.

The hidden signs are everywhere, and it’s all geometry.  This guy is not anti-mason and you have to check out his facts, but I also don’t trust every Christian source as they can be misleading and outright lie to make a point at times.  Truth can be used for good or evil.  It’s where you heart is lined up in love that matters.  So, check this out with a watchful eye:

This should look familiar if you are a student of the esoteric.  If not, then maybe it’s not for you to grasp as it can lead many off into the wrong direction, seeking wisdom and power and turning your heart dark.

If you do not grasp just how occult the United States is, and just what these megalomaniacs have been up to, let me show you this which I got at this site:

Have you been programmed to worship Lucifer?

Lucifer and his fallen angels tried to pollute mankind thousands of years ago and almost succeeded except for one righteous man, Noah, and his family.  Jesus said the last days would be as the days of Noah where there were giving and taking in marriage, and giants were born!  Satan has tried to be God for eons, and his plan is to keep the promise of God from being fulfilled.  He has had generations to work his will through his servants here on earth.  You can trace them back over history.  This video is the last in this series as I am done updating this page.  I hope you come to the knowledge of just how powerful you are because you were born in the flesh with a spirit that your Father God made, and that it was by the works of Lucifer to turn the truth of God into something most of us hate.  Lucifer worked through many vices, but particularly the church to subvert it’s truth and now make sure we blame God through the church.  If you hate the church, that is ok, but do not hate God or Jesus / Yeshua.  That is the goal to steal your inheritance.  Learn the truth and know that you have a divine calling and are more loved than you can ever imagine.

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