Is China Set to Attack America?

Some would say we have been in an economic war with China for years, and I would agree.  Some say a natural next step is an actual war on America, but the Chinese know we are armed to the teeth and it would be a very costly battle.  Is that why there is such a push to disarm Americans?  Hitler made the decision not to attack Switzerland because of their rules that every adult male must have a fully automatic machine gun in his home.  Hitler’s generals said, “we could take Switzerland, but the cost would be too much!”  Therefore, Hitler made a peace agreement with them and just went around Switzerland.

China wants dominance and right now we have created their wealth.  America supports China, pays for China’s massive military, and we are in huge debt to China.  China owns huge American companies, has control of our only deep water port on the West Coast, and wants land rights.  In effect, they are becoming our new masters.  Why would they want us to actively fight them and stop this downfall?

Will there be an active assault on America?  I don’t know, but one thing is for sure and that is America is in it’s last days of world dominance.


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