Sacred 432 and It’s meaning

In these videos, you will see how things have changed in our lives that have brought us to a point of utter chaos.  This is the back message if you watch the second video.  For some reason all musical instruments around the world in the past were tuned to the  frequency of 432, but modern music (after 1953) was changed to 440.  It’s just off key if you will, and our spirits do not align properly in balance to 440, but if you listen to 432 then you immediately feel a difference. Here, experience it now, then watch the video and ask yourself why we have seen so many occult themed movies, the number 9 in movies, and other repeating patterns.  It’s as if someone is trying to tell us something, but only those willing to think deeper deserve to get the secret:

So, if you are game, I am going to put in a 3 hour 432 tone video and you can experiment with mediation, prayer, relaxation, and just see if you feel better and more connected. It works best with headphones, but I think you might enjoy it with or without them.


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