Meteor Impacts Increase : Two Killed in Ohio!

There has been an increase in meteor activity this year.  Many heard about the one in Russia that caused a lot of damage, but just a few nights ago we had over 30 sightings across the country.  This video talks about the one three days ago in Ohio:

Media silent over meteor activity and you have to wonder why.  This video is a bit dry, but has some good factual information.

Report your sighting.  I saw two last year about a month apart that came right in front of my house and hit.  One cut off my cell phone. I have never before seen them actually come down.  This was about 200 ft above our house.  Are we entering into a very active phase unlike what we have seen in recent history?  I see it as more signs of the times we are living in, and it’s time to get your spiritual house in order.  Disasters can happen in many ways.  Are you prepared with basic things to get your through a month?

December 21, 2012 - Two Suns in the Sky

I am editing this post to add this Coast to Coast interview with the guy from  I am really not sure what to think about the whole Niburu topic, but I do know Planet X exists.  Could these meteor sightings have to do with this planet and it’s existing asteroid bodies coming into our system?  In this interview they talk about the images of this Planet X that is behind the sun at this time, but it getting photographed at various times and appears as a second sun.

This is a min constellation with it’s own sun which points to us being in a binary star system with the second sun being in a large ecliptic orbit:


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