Watch Out for the Russians: Are You Sleepy?

I found this guy a few years ago, and check in on his little videos occasionally.   I love his gentle spirit, and you have to remember that English is his second language.  He does a very good job communicating his ideas, but he does stumble occasionally in his videos, but not so much in this one.  I first found him when I was investigating the effects of WIFI and cell phones.  He did some demonstrations of the noise our brains are picking up, and how we are not connecting spiritually because of this electro-magnetic fog.  I have to admit that tonight, I came home from dinner with my son who is visiting and had to sleep for an hour.  I zonked, hence why I am up at 4:45 am est.  The first video is of the man explaining what’s going on followed by  three videos are about cell phones.  The issue of silent weapons, putting us to sleep and disconnecting from the spiritual side of life are in the videos after these first three short ones.

I truly do hope you take the time to educate yourself, get outside, get away from WIFI and electronic stuff.  Just go out and get some sun, feel the wind, and relax.  Then remember that the next time your are stressed out and not feeling well.  We really do need to start talking with our fellow man instead of just texting.


Much love to all….




Cell phone test showing what your body is experiencing when you are on a cell phone.  WIFI works the same way!


Learn how to reset your brain.  It will seem strange, but give it a try for a few days.  See how it affects you. Download the Brainwave model at the De-Switch site.

This video covers the spiritual war we are in right now.  How we are being made into a slave race cut off from our spiritual side and connection to spirit.


To read more go to his site called Bevolution.


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