Mithra the Sun god priests called Pontiffs

I just read this book. It took me a little over an hour, and what drew me to it is the ecumenical movement headed up by the Catholic church.  I had written my notes, coped sections of the book to put into this post, but have decided that if you care about the truth, you will read it for yourself to learn true historical documented facts about Sunday worship, changing of times which is forbidden in the bible, and what Jesus / Yeshua actually said and did as well as what the church was doing the first three hundred years or so after the time of Messiah.

I want to point out that I am not saying or implying that people who are Catholic are somehow in sin purposefully following a pagan system.  Most of us continue to do what we have been raised in and believe.  My purpose here is to show facts and information that you need to understand exactly what God’s will as revealed in His word, the bible is verses what you might be doing.  We each much answer to our own conscience, and as a truth seeker, I have to follow the truth.



So, please enjoy:



Walter Veith put together a wonderful lecture revealing the truth of Christian history and what Jesus / Yeshua taught and what the early Christians did.



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